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ATX Family Dental offers environmentally friendly dental care in an office with VIP amenities, including flat-screen TVs, infused water, and the option to listen to your favorite music. Led by Dr. Adam Gutwein, the practice’s services include tooth-colored fillings, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and Invisalign. Dr. Gutwein has a 4.9 rating on Google and is a member of the exclusive Kois Study Club for the top dentists in Austin.


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  • Christine C
    Christine C
    a month ago

    I’ve had two experiences here that went above and beyond my expectations so far. Haley is the best dental hygienist I’ve ever had- she really cared about my experience as a patient, walked me through everything, and did an amazing job on my gums (as seen in follow up X-rays!) Can honestly say I’ve never wanted to stay at the dentist instead of going back to work before. Dr. Ida was so patient with me during my first emergency appointment too. The phone and front desk staff have also done a great job at answering any questions and sometimes before I even have to ask. Anjelica was so helpful! Thank you all.

  • Jessi Santos Reyes
    Jessi Santos Reyes
    5 months ago

    This dentist office is so cute! Front staff was really friendly. My dental hygienist Haley was incredibly informative, careful and kind! She was understanding of me having to have my fidget toy and noise canceling headphones for sensory issues. :) They also provide a pair of heart shaped sunnies to help with the bright lights, another huge help for folks with sensory issues. They have a TV on the ceiling! Overall great experience and glad I came here.

  • Amy Smith
    Amy Smith
    7 months ago

    Great experience start to finish. On my first visit, I only needed a cleaning but I have some sensitivity issues that can make the process uncomfortable. My hygienist was professional, patient, gentle, knowledgeable. After 4 years of bouncing from one dentist to another, never feeling totally satisfied that I was receiving high quality care, I'm so happy to have found ATX Family Dental. Now I'm actually looking forward to my next visit.

  • Jason Grant
    Jason Grant
    6 months ago

    ATX Family Dental is amazing on every level. I had a dental emergency a few months ago and the amazing staff was able to fit me in on the day I requested. I’ve now been there 3 times for follow up procedures and each time I’m blown away by their friendliness, compassion, professionalism, and beautiful facilities. I cannot recommend ATX Family Dental enough!

  • John Ruff
    John Ruff
    a month ago

    Loved how clean, quick, and attentive the team was. Have had some really bad dental experiences in the past, but this was likely the best I’ve encountered. Dr. Ida was thorough, and although they could have likely charged me extra to do some elaborate procedure I didn’t need, they went the correct route which was also the least costly. Refreshing in an age of chain dental locations that are looking solely at their bottom line.

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