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Enamel Dentistry South Lamar uses cutting-edge technology such as iTero 3D-printed models, soft tissue laser therapy, and ultrasonic dental cleaning and root canal treatment. Dr. Dillon Patel and Dr. Hamza Gaj offer general, restorative, and cosmetic services such as TMJ/TMD treatment, composite fillings, full and partial dentures, teeth whitening, and Invisalign. This Austin practice has a 4.9 rating on Google for the personalized attention they give patients.



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838 reviews
  • Eli Garrett
    Eli Garrett
    in the last week

    I don’t have any dental insurance so I was super skeptical at first. They waived my consultation and gave me a very affordable price for my chipped tooth. Looks better than before. Also Dom at the front desk was super hospitable. Will definitely be back!

  • Biliza McCullough
    Biliza McCullough
    a month ago

    Look, to get an easily affordable emergency appointment same day as a person without dental insurance was already going to get them 4* from me. What took t his place to a 5* experience wasn't the free hulu, which is dope, or the comfort menu options they have.What did it was the compassion I was shown during my appointment. I haven't had dental care in a decade, and recently broke a tooth that became infected, I broke down when I saw it in the high quality imaging and extensive x-rays. The compassion was so genuine, and they answered all of my questions and got me set up with several treatment plan options to get me out of pain and respect my budget. Will probably review again after I execute the treatment plan, but if you've got a dental emergency I can safely say they will treat you well here.

  • Katie Bloch
    Katie Bloch
    2 months ago

    I love the dentist I see here. I have seen her for a general care visit and again on an emergency. Both were great. This office is run like a well oiled machine. They use the latest equipment and love the tv on the ceiling. Cute sunglasses also to wear when that light is turned on. The practice is efficient and friendly. It is also affordable. I Highly recommend.

  • Margaret Whitmarsh
    Margaret Whitmarsh
    3 months ago

    I couldn’t give a worse review. I think they may have been going through management changes. First visit was very professional. I was happy to find a good dentist. Gary Clark Je mural def was a plus. The third visit was completely different. They basically demanded that I pay a deposit in advance even though I owed them no money and had never ever left their office without paying in full. I paid them $50 in advance for services I never received. I will probably never get back. have a new dentist who is also paid in full and has never once asked for a “advance payment”. I was shocked because I’ve never been asked for an “advance payment” by anyone in the medical profession. I would like to have the money refunded after two years. Not holding my breath. Zero stars.

  • Jessica Saddington
    Jessica Saddington
    a month ago

    First time patient, full xray work-up and treatment plan (cavity and night guard for teeth grinding). The staff is great, they walk you through every step and check after each step for questions. They take care of you, and I also received a complimentary electric toothbrush as a new patient 😊 10/10, would recommend.

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