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Dr. Brent Fossum at Great Grins Dental in Austin offers comprehensive, functional dentistry that takes into account how your teeth function in combination with the rest of your body. He offers dental implants, dentures, Invisalign, prosthodontics, and oral DNA tests, among other dental services. Dr. Fossum graduated from the University of Texas School of Dentistry and has a 5-star Google rating for his practice’s customer service and caring attitude.


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282 reviews
  • Guadalupe Jimenez
    Guadalupe Jimenez
    5 months ago

    Dr is super kind hearted. He took me in and was very good at putting my tooth back on. He took care of me and didn't treat me as if I was getting in the way of his holiday instead He treated me with care and his wife who also is apart of the business was super sweet and kind. Thank you doing an awesome job and taking me in at such short notice and treating me with such kindness. My sister will be making an appointment with you guys after the holidays. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS.

  • Liz Carrera
    Liz Carrera
    a month ago

    I love Great Grins Dental! The office manager, Meg, is super friendly and knowledgeable. Morgan, my dental hygienist, is amazing. I have some dental issues and she always takes good care of my teeth. Dr. Fossum is the best dentist I’ve ever had. He is skilled, extremely knowledgeable and always upbeat. Everyone here is always so friendly!

  • Ken Carver
    Ken Carver
    4 months ago

    I transferred to Great Grins after another dentist totally messed up a molar. After two root canals and two crowns it still wasn't fixed. Great Grins took the time to actually figure out what was wrong (the crown was too high) and fixed it (simply grinding it down was all that was needed). I like the conservative approach they take to dental care, the office is super clean and convenient for me.

  • Yuri Munoz
    Yuri Munoz
    2 months ago

    Everyone at Great Grins is courteous and caring. They always make sure patients feel comfortable during treatments and satisfied with the results of their work. I am happy I was referred to this dental care office. Y. Munoz

  • Satyajeet Dodia
    Satyajeet Dodia
    4 months ago

    The whole team is very friendly and professional. Always greeted with a warm welcome and treated in a considerate manner. The hygienist takes time to thoroughly complete the cleaning and inspection. The doctor makes sure you understand the situation clearly and are comfortable with the treatment plan. Highly recommended.

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