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Dr. Brent Fossum at Great Grins Dental in Austin offers comprehensive, functional dentistry that takes into account how your teeth function in combination with the rest of your body. He offers dental implants, dentures, Invisalign, prosthodontics, and oral DNA tests, among other dental services. Dr. Fossum graduated from the University of Texas School of Dentistry and has a 5-star Google rating for his practice’s customer service and caring attitude.


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274 reviews
  • Guadalupe Jimenez
    Guadalupe Jimenez
    a month ago

    Dr is super kind hearted. He took me in and was very good at putting my tooth back on. He took care of me and didn't treat me as if I was getting in the way of his holiday instead He treated me with care and his wife who also is apart of the business was super sweet and kind. Thank you doing an awesome job and taking me in at such short notice and treating me with such kindness. My sister will be making an appointment with you guys after the holidays. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS.

  • Jennie Dupre
    Jennie Dupre
    5 months ago

    They have been my favorite dentist for a couple of years. Amazing staff and will do what they can to get you in for an emergency. Overall great customer service and trust their work.

  • Wes Ogilvie
    Wes Ogilvie
    3 months ago

    Dental visits have never been a nightmare for me. Likewise, they've never been something I've looked forward to. I decided to change from my assembly line dental operation to Great Grins and Dr. Fossum after they took great care of a dental emergency for my mother. When I sent an email to schedule, Meg called me back within moments -- and with an appointment about a week out as opposed to so many offices that are "scheduling for X number of months out." When I came into the office today with the minimal paperwork they required, Meg greeted me and promised to scan in the forms quickly. Before I even had a chance to get comfortable in the waiting room, Morgan (the hygienist) brought me back to get an exam and cleaning. Morgan was beyond gracious and patient with X-rays considering my extreme gag reflex. Furthermore, she gave a great and especially gentle exam and cleaning. Dr. Fossum came by and gave me a thorough exam and clean bill of dental health, including screening me for oral cancer. For the first time I can remember, I never felt pressured, upsold, or lectured about my teeth. That alone would make me come back, but the gentle and compassionate care I received today truly felt like a dental home. (Hokey, I know, but it honestly describes how I felt.) I'm looking forward to Meg's email and text reminding me to schedule for the next six month cleaning and exam.

  • Chris Ngai
    Chris Ngai
    3 months ago

    Megan always does a good job on cleaning teeth. My teeth sparkle. Dr. Fossum is very kind and professional. Very good dentist. Mrs. Fossum is very nice and helpful. We appreciate her assistance to reschedule appointments when we need it.

  • Harry Desi
    Harry Desi
    a month ago

    Excellent service provided by Misha (hygienist) for cleaning and by the Dr. Fossum. I would have rated it five star if not for the prior hygienist who erroneously record general gingivitis in my record even though I did not have any. And when requested, they agreed it was a mistake but could not still fix it so, I requested them to record that this time around they did not find any.

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