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  • Brandi Donn
    Brandi Donn
    in the last week

    This was one of the best dental experiences of my life. From Brenda at the front desk confirming my appointment and getting me checked in, to Sarah, my hygienist, every layer of my visit was fantastic. I look forward to working more closely to the dentist at my next visit.

  • Alessia Poe
    Alessia Poe
    in the last week

    Incredibly sweet and kind staff that helped me push through a lot of my dentist anxiety. Such cute office and they have always ran on time for my appointments. Highly suggest working with them!

  • Mike Mancias
    Mike Mancias
    in the last week

    The entire staff at Spicewood Dental is so courteous and welcoming. The Dental Hygienist are very thorough with their cleaning and they are so caring. I highly recommend Spicewood Dental.

  • Helga Simonsen
    Helga Simonsen
    3 months ago

    I have used Spicewood Dental for quite a while. I alway get my favorite hygienist Sarah, she's kind and makes me feel comfortable. For quite some time I had a problem with a tooth, it looked like there was left over BBQ stuck between the teeth in one spot. I could never get rid of it, brushing, and flossing didn't help, I was afraid to use metal on it. I was always a bit worried about smiling and showing my front teeth and I'm a real smiler, I've been told. It turned out that it was the beginning of a cavity. Fortunately Dr. Owen had 20 minutes the following day to take care of this quick procedure. When I came home I couldn't keep myself from looking in the mirror smiling again many times that day. Thank you Dr. Owen, you made me smile again.

  • Laura M
    Laura M
    7 months ago

    Been going to Spicewood Dental for years and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else! The staff is so friendly and professional, especially Brenda, Kallie, and Sarah! Dr. Owen is thorough, takes the time to listen, and does great work. I trust that when they make recommendations for services, that they are actually needed. They explain procedures in detail and accompany them with pictures and exam evidence. Trustworthy and a gem of a dental office!

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