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  • Anna Berezina
    Anna Berezina
    3 months ago

    They are Fantastic. This is the first place I don’t actually cry - I have crazy dentist PTSD, and at one visit my Apple Watch, god bless, asked me if I was having a heart attack! Dr Fiorillo is thoughtful, considerate, funny, kind, and professional. The entire staff is a delight. Highly recommend:)

  • Nini Nguyen
    Nini Nguyen
    4 years ago

    My experiences at Fiorillo Dental are always very positive. The reminder system is great because it keeps me on top of my schedule. Every hygienist I've encountered have been very friendly and knowledgeable. They offer great tips to keep my gums and teeth healthy without feeling like I'm being shamed. I love the TV screens, both for entertainment and the complete walk through of my x-rays by Dr. Liebzeit. Fiorillo Dental has really differentiated itself from other dentists I've been to and I'd recommend the team to anyone.

  • Alison Luebbert
    Alison Luebbert
    4 years ago

    Dr. Fiorillo and Dr. Liebzeit were both incredibly friendly and professional. Their hygienist Kristel was warm, welcoming and explained everything really well. The front staff and assistants were also a pleasure to work with - you can tell that everyone enjoys working with one another. They also do not pressure you to buy or upgrade to things that you don't need, which has been an issue with other dentists. I especially appreciate the billing staff who proactively contacted my insurance company prior to a procedure to send me a quote. I have never had a dentist who's staff not only could appropriately handle billing, but also proactively gave me an estimate prior to my appointment. The office is in a convenient location and is very clean, modern, and welcoming. I didn't even get a chance to sit down in the waiting room as they were right on time (or early!) for my appointments. Highly recommend this dentist office.

  • Courtney Schwabe
    Courtney Schwabe
    4 years ago

    I'm not a big dentist person (who is?!) but my visits to Fiorillo Dental have always been great. Hands down the best dentist I have ever been to. My hygienist, Kristel is super gentle so I never walk away bleeding or with a sore mouth. She is also very conversational - and not the typical kind where you're asked a question but can't actually answer because their hand is in your mouth. She timed everything perfectly so I felt like I was having a normal conversation the whole time. There are TVs on the ceiling to give you something to look at other than the ceiling tile. I was also very impressed with their honesty when it came to a problem tooth... another dentist had told me I needed an implant and 4 veneers. Dr. Fiorillo did an x-ray and said that was absolutely not necessary - that the tooth looked healthy, and that if anything, a root canal would be the most appropriate procedure. Saved me $10k. And then the bonus is that the front desk staff is extremely nice and it's very easy to make an appointment. You can also opt into email and/or text reminders, which makes it easy for scheduling. Would highly recommend to anyone in the Boston area!

  • Michael Seigfried
    Michael Seigfried
    3 years ago

    Great office, people, and service. Fiorillo Dental blew away my expectations during my first visit, and for once, I actually enjoyed my visit to the dentist. Everyone I interacted with were beyond friendly and helpful. As a plus, the room I was in during my cleaning had a TV on the wall and on the ceiling, which took my mind off the service the entire time. I would highly recommend this dentist.

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