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  • Ashley Von Holten
    Ashley Von Holten
    4 months ago

    Upon walking in, the receptionist, Theresa, was phenomenal! She was very communicative about what to expect and paying for services. The dental hygienist was super personable and very sweet! Dr. Shah was absolutely incredible! She was extremely thorough and very blunt, but in an appreciative way. She leveled with me on how we were going to proceed. I seriously cannot recommend this place enough. The office was very clean and they were as efficient as they could be, even when their system was down! 10/10 recommend!!

  • RAm RAmm
    RAm RAmm
    2 months ago

    Doc Shaw is amazing. I’m 68 yo and historically was not afraid to just leave the chair if the dentist didn’t have his act together. Seriously, I’m picky about dentist and have walk out, over the years with past dentist, in the middle of an examination. Now for 6+ years I’ve got Doc Shaw or her colleagues. They tell me “what time it is” when it comes to my health. Magnificent dentist in that office. I’ve been there having seen by her or her colleagues. She picks colleagues amazing appropriate. My wife is a 75 yo black female that also appreciates Doc Shaw. Most of all Doc Shaw is a great dentist and I know “what time it is” when it comes to dentist.

  • Kiran Advani
    Kiran Advani
    4 months ago

    Dental Smiles of WL is a phenomenal dental clinic. It was my first visit, and each person I met there was courteous, kind, gentle, and reassured me because they could tell I was nervous. The office is clean and well organized with practical, state-of-the-art equipment. My words will be inadequate to describe Dr. Shah: she is thorough, direct, efficient, mindful of insurance restrictions, and her advice is reasonable, practical, and prioritizes your well-being. She listened, answered questions, and laid out an amicable plan of action. This office is busy but not a mill. It’s been a while since I’ve been satisfied with medical/dental services. Dr. Shah is doing it correctly.

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G
    4 weeks ago

    I've been seeing Dr. Shah for about 5 years, and I can't stress enough how amazing she is. She's exceptional in her field, and her kindness, empathy, and the way she keeps me in the loop and comfortable really make her stand out.

  • Valerie Ranne
    Valerie Ranne
    3 weeks ago

    Dr Shah is very informative and understanding of my needs. The entire staff is very welcoming and does amazing work. I recommend Dental Smile of West Loop

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