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For more than 20 years, Downtown Dental has provided general and cosmetic dentistry to Chicago, along with specialties such as periodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and oral surgery. Downtown Dental’s expert team consists of Dr. Brittney Borga, Dr. Jane Kim, Dr. John Lundgren, Dr. Athena Tosiou, Dr. Sheetal Kalokhe, and Dr. Vinny Gala. The practice has a 4.9-star rating on Google and provides dental implants, same-day crowns, teeth whitening, root canals, Invisalign, and more.


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  • R L
    R L
    5 months ago

    First, here are my recommendations (I tried to put a positive spin) 1) Be professionals, learn to introduce yourself and explain what is going to happen, share findings, recommendation and next steps. 2) train your team to use proper techniques, develop finger/hands skills or whatever is that you need to use the tools in a proper way. Evaluate how your team does certain procedures, keep the bar high, keep them trained. 3) Do not dismiss patients' pain, concerns, fears, etc. You do this every day, patients sometimes see you because they have no other choice. 4) You are a business and you try to get more procedures to generate revenue, but put the patients care and needs first. Here is a summary of my experience: Sadly, I did not have a good experience. I have had many deep cleanings due to gingivitis and tartar buildup , so I had experienced skilled dentist professionals that have mastered the techniques, with soft fingers and hands that pay attention to details and are able to do this type of work with care and without inflicting unnecessary pain. But in this case, it was not only excruciatingly painful, but it was done so rough and without any care....then I heard I was the last appointment of the day (Friday), which may explain why they were in such a hurry. I think a dentist came (I am not sure, she never introduced herself...funny, nobody introduced themselves....front desk was the exception, they were super nice) , but only checked my teeth for 20 seconds, and I asked about any cavities or the situation with my gingivitis, but I only got was a sales pitch about doing some kind of cosmetic procedure to close the gap of my front teeth, because and I quote "You don't have a pleasant smile". I was baffled, not offended, but baffled that they would say such things to a patient. I asked again about the conditions of my teeth, cavities, gingivitis, etc. But the Doctor (I think she was a DDS) continued with her sales pitch about the cosmetic procedure. At the end, I was supposed to get some kind of recommendations for care, a special tooth paste to reduce gum inflammation, but I got nothing. Only a horrible experience.

  • Renee Willis
    Renee Willis
    4 months ago

    Very nice and clean dentist office. I’ve only had two appointments and so far it’s been a good dental experience. Dr. Lina took x-rays and she showed me the x-rays and she explained everything that I needed done & the cost. If you’re looking for a dentist I recommend making an appointment with Dr. Lina.

  • Wioletta Nawrocka
    Wioletta Nawrocka
    a month ago

    I love coming to Downtown Dental Loop. Everybody I had a chance to interact with was so competent and able to make me feel safe and like I’m in the best hands. The thing that I appreciate the most about Dr Borga and her hygienists is that they explain everything that they do to the patient in detail. I have not encountered that at any other medical office. The level of professionalism is unmatched.

  • Danyelle Sage
    Danyelle Sage
    4 months ago

    This place has gone way down hill since COVID. Their only redeeming qualities are the nice views and the wonderful desk staff. I've been coming to DD for years prior to COVID and had a wonder male dentist do my original veneers, using very sheer brand that break easily. They have chipped over the years and he always graciously replaced them for free. Well it's 2022 and I've been in a bike accident and chipped the front two. My dentist is no longer with DD, sadly, so I was made to pay $2k out of pocket for replacement veneers. I was then told I would need to wait 2 weeks for them (while wearing these hideously done temps). Well it's 2 weeks and I get a call saying they don’t know when they will arrive (literally call the lab? do something?). Will not be coming back here after this treatment process is complete (not that I know when that will be)

  • Fang Wu
    Fang Wu
    5 months ago

    I used Downtown Dental for many years before COVID and their service had always been stellar. Stopped seeing dentists during COVID, and just went back last month. I got assigned a new dentist, who said five of my teeth need to have the fillings redone, so they did that on my second visit. Shortly afterwards I started to develop a lot of sensitivity against cold water which I never had before, and a piece of filling fell out (!) while I was brushing my teeth. I went back to have it checked out, and the dentist redid 3 of the 5 tooth fillings. Two weeks later at least one of the tooth fillings fell out again, so I can now only chew with one side. I am very disappointed and will switch service after this experience.

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