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Lincoln Park Smiles in Chicago specializes in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, from teeth cleaning to full smile restorations. The practice uses cutting-edge technology to provide treatments such as fillings, veneers, implants, Invisalign, and sleep apnea treatment. The team of Dr. Jack Manikowski, Dr. Teofilo Limosnero, Dr. Robin Gay, Dr. Sharmi Shah, and Dr. Robert Baima have many decades of combined experience and have a 4.8-star Google rating.


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  • Matthew Pearsall
    Matthew Pearsall
    3 months ago

    Have lived down the street from this dental practice for a long time. Finally went in there just to ask a few questions about a possible future "deep cleaning" appointment. The staff I spoke with could not have been friendlier and more accomodating for which was just an information "hunt and gather". Very informative, patient, and upfront. Will definitely be bringing my dental needs there going forward. Nice office and setup as well. Very nice looking and professional. I've seen some bad ones before. Thank you, LPS Dental.

  • mik speicher
    mik speicher
    2 months ago

    DO NOT GO HERE. I hadn’t been to the dentist in about 3 years. I chose LPS because of the many 5 star reviews. I went feeling very vulnerable and nervous and they took full advantage of that. They basically told me I needed a deep cleaning due to not going to the dentist in three years. They said I needed to have a local anesthetic to numb and clean half my mouth this visit and numb and do the other half the next. They used dentist terminology that I didn’t fully understand and I was just afraid of losing my teeth, so I agreed in panic. When I left, I called a friend who worked at a dentist office out of state and she confirmed that I did NOT need a deep cleaning. I ended up asking for my X-rays, which took 2 days for them to send to me, and my friends dentist confirmed I did not need the deep cleaning. I went to another dentist for a second opinion and they also confirmed I never needed this procedure. They are just trying to scam you. I spent $200 I didn’t need to spend and they kill you and your wallet with kindness to cover the fact that they’re literally scamming you!!! Also worth mentioning it was the messiest, grossest cleaning I’ve ever had. Water all over my chin and cheeks and spraying my entire face.

  • Keva Kreeger
    Keva Kreeger
    3 months ago

    I was absolutely terrified to return to the dentist. Yet, with the suggestion from a lovely friend I tried out Dr. Shaw's dental practice. I have never felt more comfortable in a doctor's office, much less a dentist's. Dr. Shaw and her team all welcomed and respected my anxiety I expressed over my current dental situation. I am genuinely excited to go back and begin the me-specific health plan Dr. Shaw has planned out.

  • Olivia Centeno
    Olivia Centeno
    3 months ago

    Do not go here unless you like being scammed and taken advantage of. I was coerced into a deep cleaning, despite having perfect teeth for 25 years. I was told it was detrimental to my health to ignore it. I made it very clear I did not want the deep cleaning and that I was wary from the beginning. Then they told me I was subjecting myself to the risk of heart disease and other things, so I caved. They claimed they verified with my insurance that out of pocket costs would be $300 or so. I paid out of pocket over $300 total for 2 deep cleanings the day of service. Over a YEAR after my procedure, I got a bill for almost $700 because insurance has denied it 3 times. This office has done nothing to help me and is claiming I am responsible for $1000. It is clear I never needed the deep cleaning procedure. It was long, painful, time consuming, and expensive. All for nothing. They over prescribe because they want money. Do not go here. Side note - I recently saw a new dentist who said “wow I’m really surprised they told you you needed that, I wouldn’t have recommended it”

  • shirin aziz
    shirin aziz
    3 months ago

    The staff is nice and friendly. I love doctor Shah, she is very kind and patient. great at communicating/explaining every detail of the procedures. I really look forward to all my visits.

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