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ORA Dental Studio is the first eco-friendly dental group in the country, using biocompatible restoration materials and LEED-certified offices to offer environmentally responsible dentistry. They provide state-of-the-art general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including periodontal therapy, laser whitening, aesthetic contouring, laser microdentistry, and dental implants. ORA has five modern practices throughout Chicago, with locations in the Gold Coast, River North, South Loop, West Loop, and Wicker Park. ORA Dental Studio has a 4.8-star Google rating.


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  • Z W
    Z W
    a month ago

    The reception is very BAD 1. I have tried so many times to schedule on line, it never worked. 2. I finally decided to call to make reservation, I was told my husband had height balance from THREE YEARS AGO! However, in the past 3years, we have not receive any notification about it! Nothing! No email, no call no mail. So I had to contact our old insurance to find out why they do not cover. It turns out they only cover deep cleaning once per 24 months, he had it a year ago so they would not cover for the second time. So I ask the insurance agent how should I know this policy, she said the dental provider supposed to call them to confirm if the service they provide is covered by insurance and let patient decide if he/ she would like to proceed the service. Obviously, they never called cuz if they called the insurance company would have record in their system, but there is nothing. So my husband had that service without knowing any of these fee. What he paid on the day he had the deep cleaning is the price after insurance and that’s what we thought the amount we need to pay. 3. I had appointment in the morning but when I got there, there was no power in their office. And I was told they will give a call later to reschedule but I never received the call. I will NOT go back there anymore.

  • Ranjana Rajendran
    Ranjana Rajendran
    a month ago

    TLDR: I walked in with: a diagnosis; I walked out with the same diagnosis but without: a treatment plan, 90 minutes, and $150. I had a surgery done on one side of my mouth in 2007 but the doctor who performed it has since retired. I was referred to this oral surgeon by my dentist. The last time the procedure was done at Northwestern using my medical insurance. I told the office all of this when I made the appointment. I checked in at the office at 2:35p and my appointment was for 2:30p. This was my fault and I know that late patients can set things back. The front office assistant gave me the forms and talked to me like I was a child. This was irritating but I suppose some folks may need more guidance. She asked for my insurance card and I gave my medical insurance card to her based on my previous experience. She did not ask me for my dental insurance card. I returned the forms to them by 2:45p and waited. Several patients checked in after me and waited a few minutes and then were taken into the treatment rooms. I assumed because I was five minutes late, they had to adjust the schedule. I wasn’t too bothered about it. I was finally taken back at 3:05. I waited the in procedure room for 20 minutes. I had set a timer because I had to get to another appointment in Lincoln Park by 4:30. I asked if it was going to be much longer to a staff member. After another five minutes the doctor came in. We chatted about my previous surgery and he confirmed that the diagnosis was correct and I would need the same procedure again. He said that he doesn’t do this procedure so I would have to make another appointment with his partner. He also recommended another doctor at Northwestern. At this point it was after 3:45p and I had to go. I walked to a waiting area and a front office clerk told me that I needed to provide my dental insurance. I told them I had been in the office for over an hour, why didn’t they ask me for the card? They didn’t really have an answer except they were busy. I had to get to my next appointment so I said I would pay for the visit out of pocket and to bill my insurance. They said okay but then when I saw the itemized invoice it included an X-ray I didn’t have! They had to void the transaction and re-do it. I didn’t leave the office until after 4p and was late to my next appointment. The problem continued because they said the insurance didn’t cover it. Apparently, dental insurance only covers two exams a year. So the future appointment with the other oral surgeon would not be covered which means I would be out another $150 if I came back! I still don’t have an answer of why it couldn’t be billed to my medical insurance. I called the office but they have not returned my calls. The front office staff clearly has some work to do on clear patient communication and managing their work load.

  • Rosy Rodriguez
    Rosy Rodriguez
    3 weeks ago

    Thank you Dr. Koos, Aisha, Unetta, Jasmine and whole staff. I was performed excellent work on my tooth extraction. Everything was so smooth when I woke up it was all done. This is the best place I have ever been to. Everyone is very professional very polite and make you feel very comfortable. I recommend everyone to come here for excellent service 👍

  • Chrystal Johnston
    Chrystal Johnston
    4 months ago

    This was my first time being a patient at ORA Dental Studios. Everyone from the front desk staff to the oral surgeon was professional, accommodating extremely knowledgeable. I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 star because I didn't receive the followup call they stated I would receive by close of business on the day I underwent surgery. Though I was given post operative instructions, a followup call would have reassured me of the expected pain and solidified my understanding of post operative care.

  • Sue Urban-Crowley
    Sue Urban-Crowley
    4 months ago

    ora South Loop, Dr Hanson & Staff went above and beyond for my son. I walked in on Friday of Labor Day Weekend to see if there was any chance my son could get his wisdom teeth out ( pain was not subsiding ). They opened up their office on Saturday morning of Labor Day Weekend to remove his wisdom teeth. The surgery and recovery went great, and he was able to get back on the football field. Thank you again Dr. Hanson and Staff. We are forever grateful!

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