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Wooten Dentistry calls itself “a practical practice” where patients receive comfortable and complete care, without extra costs. This Columbus practice focuses on spending time with patients to build personal connections and promote dental education. Dr. Jonathan Wooten provides general, restorative, and cosmetic treatments such as cavity fillings and repair, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, modern dentures, and Invisalign. Wooten Dentistry has a 5-star rating on Google.


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  • Laura K.
    Laura K.
    4 months ago

    I spent a lot of time with them yesterday and Sam and Dr. Wooten were top notch! It’s clear they care about their patients and hold patient comfort at the top of their priorities. Bright, clean offices with updated technologies made this experience better than it could’ve been. Friendly staff- checkin couldn’t be easier. I was really impressed and couldn’t be happier to have found a dentist that I like that I will not hesitate to visit in the future. My search for a new dentist had become urgent when I broke a tooth and this group made me feel so important and prioritized and it made a huge difference to me.

  • Sarah Ramey
    Sarah Ramey
    9 months ago

    Dr. Wooten and his dental hygienist Joe were incredible with my three-year old daughter. It was her first dentist appointment and they made it so much fun for her. She left talking about how excited she was to go back. At best I thought she would tolerate the appointment but they created a great atmosphere and talked through each step of the cleaning process with her so she felt at ease.

  • Michelle Resene
    Michelle Resene
    10 months ago

    To Update: I took my friend, Abigail in on 3/9/22 for a broken tooth in need of a crown, which they made in house. It fits beautifully - she says it’s more comfortable than the original tooth, which is really impressive. I have numerous crowns myself, and I nearly always need an adjustment - but Abby has had no trouble with hers. She had a little trouble w the antibiotic they have to put on the tooth, and she ended up vomiting—a lot, which I mention only because Dr. Wooten and his assistant, Sam, handled it so patiently and kindly. Abby was mortified, but they reassured her it was no big, which was awesome. Dr. Wooten, Mel, Sam, and the rest of his team REALLY listen, too. Abby had a little trouble with some top teeth last week (they have to be pulled), and they’re arranging for a same day bridge, so she won’t be without teeth. This was at our request because going without more teeth would have been traumatic. But they covered all her options, and were very helpful. PLUS they do great with our insurance (through Medicare, and Abby (their front desk person) is a treasure. I can’t wait to get in myself! And looking forward to a dentist appointment should tell you they must be good!! Original Review: I brought my friend Abigail to Dr. Wooten's office for dental care after she broke a filling last week. It was her first time being seen in the office. The office is in a re-modelled home on North High Street. It's well set up and comfortable feeling. Plus, each room is completely shut off from the rest of the clinic, so it feels very safe. The front desk staff, especially Abigail, put my Abigail at ease right away. They are all really friendly and helpful--plus way more knowledgeable about insurance than I am. This is incredibly important since they are the first face and smile you see at your provider. I requested permission to go back with Abby as her care person (she has some dental anxiety and a movement disorder), and it wasn't a problem at all. Both the hygienist and the dentist himself are kind, soothing, and very professional. They worked hard to make my friend comfortable and carefully explained everything that would need to be done so that there weren't any questions. Abigail hasn't had good dental care most of her life, and they were very reassuring--emphasizing that there is no shame in not having had the care you need in the past. Plus, they took her dental insurance through Anthem Medicare/Medicaid, no questions asked while still treating her like a person in need of care. Too often Medicaid patients especially seem to get less than stellar care, and I'm so glad this isn't the case here. Overall, I really liked them and would consider switching there myself. So, 10 out of 5 stars!

  • Tony Contosta
    Tony Contosta
    a year ago

    Capstone in Clintonville is fantastic. Every employee is really nice and welcoming, and the dental hygienists are great with our kids. I've had a lot of work on my teeth and Dr. Piper has always been very informative on issues and does not pressure me into any decision. She does a great job explaining any work that she is recommending be done. Overall, the atmosphere is warm and accepting and would easily recommend to friends and family.

  • Terry Bell
    Terry Bell
    5 months ago

    This guy an his staff is amazing 👏...very friendly an myself I dread going to the dentist an try to withstand the toothaches for aslong as possible.....but with Dr Wooten I got teeth pulled an it was almost pain free (a pinch here an there but he let me know it was coming i appreciated that) an his assistant was very friendly an knowledgeable had all the information i needed i even scheduled another visit before I left (I never do that the dread) but this team made me feel like this ain't so if you hate going to the dentist try this guy an his staff....they just might change your mind they changed mine.....

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