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Led by Dr. David Hanna, Awesome Dental Stapleton offers comprehensive dental care, including general, cosmetic, and restorative work. Services include silver and composite fillings, dental implants, crowns, bridges, and oral surgery. This Denver dentist accepts a variety of insurance plans and Medicaid and provides a free oral health evaluation for new patients. Dr. Hanna has specialized training in dental implants and has earned a 4.9-star average rating on Google.


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409 reviews
  • Zephyr Wilkins
    Zephyr Wilkins
    3 months ago

    I first went to Awesome Dental because I was in a lot of pain and it was close to my house. But I keep going back because Dr. Hanna and his team are truly remarkable! Dr. Hanna knew my entire dental history based solely on my X-rays (a true professional) and was able to fix the problem quickly and permanently (at a reasonable price to boot)! Since then the staff has been super helpful in helping me improve my dental health: explaining everything, answering all my questions, and giving me the deepest cleaning I’ve ever had in my life! I appreciate this place more than I can express. Thanks Dr. Hanna and your amazing team!

  • Corazon Ocanas
    Corazon Ocanas
    6 months ago

    I love this place! I have been at this practice for 3 years, since I first loved to Denver and it has always been a pleasant experience. The practice has changed ownership but the new owners did a fabulous job of making it a seamless transition. I also think it’s super cool that they use XRFs to take your X-rays! Dr. Hanna and his team are so kind and I love that they keep consistency with who you see. Julie is always a delight to talk to and super great about keeping me informed about what’s going on with my teeth. I’ve never been the best for consistently seeing the dentist because it always freaked me out and I didn’t like not knowing what to expect but I’ve never thought twice about it since coming to this practice! If you’re looking for a dentist, start here. Thank you Dr. Hanna, Julie, and team! You all are the best!

  • Carly Ambuske
    Carly Ambuske
    4 months ago

    Truly awesome! They were very adaptable and compassionate with both my and my sons care. They worked exceptionally well with him as the dentist is not his favorite. Dr. Hanna was thorough and helpful as well as provided excellent care coordination and referral resources for my case. I honestly never had a dental experience as wonderful as this one. Thank you all so much for the great care and effort you provide!

  • Isaac Ritzer
    Isaac Ritzer
    a week ago

    Awesome Dental lives up to the name! The staff is exceptional and the dentists do an excellent job of communicating with the patient. They are honest and transparent and I never felt pressured or left in the dark. Overall my experience here was great, and I really feel that my dental care is in the best hands. I trust them!

  • Ramona Serban
    Ramona Serban
    5 months ago

    Great experience. I recently moved to Denver so I had to find a new dentist. I was pleasantly surprised with Awesome dental. Great location, the office feels cozy, the whole team is very nice. Julie was amazing and Dr. Hanna is very knowledgeable and will listen to your concerns. Great experience!

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