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At Lifeworks Dental in Houston, Dr. Kini Tran and Dr. Kim Nguyen aim to treat patients’ whole health, not just their teeth, in a calming atmosphere. Dr. Tran and Dr. Nguyen offer general and cosmetic dental care, such as dental bonding, implants, crowns, laser periodontal therapy, and wisdom teeth extractions. Lifeworks Dental has earned a 4.9-star average rating on Google, with patients saying the staff is caring and provides quality dental work.


Google Reviews

212 reviews
  • E L
    E L
    a month ago

    As always, the most AMAZING and finest care. They’re constantly improving on their own perfection. As a health care provider myself, I’m very picky and can say without any doubts, Dr.s Tran & Nguyen are the finest dentists in the entire area , if not the entire state and probably, the entire country. I can’t recommend any other dentists. They are completely focused and concerned with structure, function, cosmetics, and pain. These doctors are the complete package and hands-down, are simply the best. Edward Lang, DC, RN

  • Lara Estephan
    Lara Estephan
    2 months ago

    I've been a very happy patient of Lifeworks Dental for 10 years. The dental hygienists are welcoming, friendly, accommodating, and do a great job. Both Dr. Kim and Dr. Kini are knowledgeable, innovative, keep up to date on the latest information and technology, honest, caring, and, most importantly, they remember you! This is the dental clinic you want to go to if you like to ask questions, want options, and appreciate top service without feeling like they are making recommendations you don't need at the time. Flossing is my issue - going every 6 months to see them is my joy.

  • Strong Family
    Strong Family
    a month ago

    As someone who highly values dental care, I am pleased to share that this clinic stands out as the best in town. My experience with their dental services, particularly the thoroughness and attention to detail during my teeth cleaning, was exceptionally noteworthy. Unlike other dental practices where appointments can feel rushed, my visit here was marked by a dedication to quality and personalized care. The dentist's meticulous approach left my teeth feeling remarkably clean and my overall oral health noticeably improved. I wholeheartedly recommend this dental clinic to anyone seeking top-tier dental care

  • Marisa Montoya
    Marisa Montoya
    5 months ago

    I love this place. The location is close to my office so it’s easy to get there. My house is approximately 30 miles away, but I decided to start taking my children there because they are so precise, gentle and the price is attainable. They never make me feel like I don’t have proper hygiene, which I have experienced at other dentist’s. They are friendly and welcoming. The husband and wife team are great. On my visits I get seen my whichever one is available, because they are both awesome. I recommend them to all friends and family when they ask about a dentist to visit.

  • Linda Tran
    Linda Tran
    3 months ago

    I had a great experience at Lifeworks Dental. I chipped my front tooth while eating lunch and wanted to get it fixed ASAP. Dr. Kini Tran was able to see me the same day. Dr. Tran was kind, helpful, and very thorough. He was able to match my tooth color perfectly. My smile looks better than ever. The front desk staff and assistants were friendly and professional too. Thank you Dr. Tran for giving me back my smile!

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