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  • Kimberly Ramirez
    Kimberly Ramirez
    6 months ago

    Being a patient of Precise Dental has completed changed my life. Before my veneer procedure I was not confident in my smile. Now that I have my dream smile I can't stop laughing and flaunting my perfect smile. Dr. Crouse is phenomenal and a artist in her work. From the moment I walked in the office I felt comfortable and the procedure was smooth. Any questions or concerns I had the dental assistant was there to assist me. Precise Dental is best in Houston. I highly recommend!!!

  • Dana Watson
    Dana Watson
    a month ago

    Regular dentistry may be okay. But not veneer service. My bite is still off and the bridge is still not even, shorter than the rest of the teeth. I would recommend haven dental ad I've seen there work and not one patient so far looks bad and the teeth look like actual veneers. They said I paid double what I should have paid and I got a discount. I called 2x and text 3x In March to schedule my cleaning and no one responded. A girl text me 2 dates that I was unavailable and I told her give me some other dates or if the ones I sent worked NO one ever responded I waited 3 weeks for response no one did I went and got my cleaning done somewhere else. Yes, My bridge is still off and shorter than the teeth on the orherside. I cannot bite down on my right side when I bite down in the left, and the front tooth connected by the bridge is uneven on the bottom. Update 1 of my veneers popped off flossing today. GREAT!

  • Tracie Horito
    Tracie Horito
    a year ago

    Precise Dental of Houston is an amazing place. They always make you feel welcomed. Sheena is amazing. She makes sure you understand everything and answer every concern. Dr. C is the best dentist. She always makes sure your comfortable and understand what she is doing. I highly recommended going to Precise Dental of Houston to get your veneers done. I love mine and smile so much because of them. Thank you Dr. C for my beautiful smile.

  • Rick Ray
    Rick Ray
    a year ago

    I'm not a person who likes to go to the dentist, but this practice is different. It has a very personal touch as a patient and just very different from what a dental practice usually is. Very friendly staff! I recommend them. This is updated 8/11/2021 Since I've been a patient, I've been at ease more than I ever have with any other dental practice. The cookies and the lemon/mint water are a nice personal touch. Very nice.

  • Karina Hernandez
    Karina Hernandez
    2 years ago

    I had such a great experience, from the moment I entered to the time I left. The staff and doctors were so professional and nice, they made me feel comfortable with the whole experience. They are very knowledgeable and are very conscious to schedule patients in a timely manner. They took good time to explain process of the services and why they are required. Overall very happy I chose them for my dental hygiene needs.

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