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At the Smile Club Dentistry and Orthodontics, dentist Dr. Jason Williams and orthodontist Dr. Mohamed Mostafa have teamed up to offer patient-centered oral health care. From preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics, their services include crowns, bridges, veneers, Invisalign, and traditional braces. This Houston practice has earned a 4.8 rating on Google. Patients appreciate the individualized approach to treatment and the bilingual staff who speak Spanish and English.


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301 reviews
  • Kaiya Taylor
    Kaiya Taylor
    a month ago

    Everybody here is awesome! My son has been bounced around from dentist to dentist and he is not an easy patient. He's gets nervous any time I mention the dentist. I was so thoroughly impressed by the way they handled him here. They were so patient and gentle with him. I'm very glad we found this place and will definitely be bringing all my boys here in the future. 100% recommended The Smile Club on W. 43rd!

  • Matalielisa
    5 months ago

    Recently went to do my cavities. I believe I had 7-9 filled in.. but I waited to give a review to make sure everything turned out fine... I had to go back to adjust the grooves because minor tooth sensitivity. The doctor was very kind to explain what caused the tooth sensitivity and fixed it for me. Overall customer service and atmosphere is really great! I would recommend the year insurance plan in general it comes in handy!

  • Tanya Israel
    Tanya Israel
    5 months ago

    I would highly recommend anyone to Smile Club Dentistry. Dr.Jason Williams is so caring yet professional, he helps you anyway he can to get the job done right. The staff is very friendly especially Monica, she will walk a mile for you to make sure you are totally satisfied. I love The Smile Club Dentistry and I'm sure everyone else will too.

  • MufasaDuhOG
    3 months ago

    Jason and the whole staff are awesome. Really work with you with your teeth and other issues. Nice comfortable environment to be in even with a tormented toothache that has arisen from the depths of the universe to plague your mouth with pain, but again awesome people. 👌👌👌✌🤘

  • Pam Collins
    Pam Collins
    5 months ago

    The Smile Club has become my 1st choice for dentistry procedures. Dr. Williams and his staff are professional, courteous and very efficient. The entire facility is always clean & spotless which is a necessity for me. They have the latest technology, do their best to make you as comfortable as possible considering the tasks at hand, and are open on Saturday. Do yourself a favor and check them out … you’ll be glad you did!

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