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Founded in 1887, 209 NYC Dental is the oldest continuing dental practice in New York City and the state. Today, its providers include Dr. Miraslava Drach, Dr. Chiyoon Ahn, Dr. Sang (Ben) Ahn, Dr. Ben Ifraimov, Dr. Jin Wang, Dr. Liza Horbar, and Dr. Dmitry Nikitayev. They provide diagnostic, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry, including implants, veneers, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and orthodontics. 209 NYC Dental has a 4.9-star Google rating.


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1,478 reviews
  • Deborah
    6 months ago

    Excellent service and top of the art appliances. Dentists are knowledgeable each time I’ve visited. I highly recommend Andrea for the best cleaning experience! She has a soothing personality and gives the most incredible face, scalp, neck and shoulder massage following your cleaning! I walked out feeling super relaxed (not common after a dental odor!) A+++

  • Judy Wong
    Judy Wong
    5 months ago

    I have been with Ella, the hygienist since the early 2000s and she is the best! As for the dentists, every one I have met there has been professional and personable. I haven't had much done except for molar removal and it went smoothly. I highly recommend 209 Dental to anyone looking for trustworthy dental care.

  • Jessica Figueroa
    Jessica Figueroa
    5 months ago

    I have been going to this dentist for a little over a year now. Started with 4 wisdom teeth extractions, currently doing Invisalign and I have regular cleanings and few other procedures in the next few months to get my teeth where I would like them to be. And the progress has been AMAZING thus far and I can not wait til the process is over for the results. The staff from the front end to the back are all friendly and awesome. Book your appointment!!!!

  • Rev. Deborah Roy
    Rev. Deborah Roy
    4 months ago

    Everyone-from the dentists to the hygienists to the administrative staff-is so warm, compassionate, and gentle. I actually look forward to my appointments! The early morning, evening, and weekend hours accommodate every schedule. The practice makes every effort to keep its fees reasonable.

  • Nicholas Oxenhorn
    Nicholas Oxenhorn
    4 months ago

    This place is great. I would say maybe the most important thing for me in a dentist is being able to feel a sense of confidence, because it can be such an unknown. Everything about this place inspires that in my opinion - everyone is friendly, thorough, and they are happy to answer questions/share information. Would definitely recommend.

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