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Founded in 1887, 209 NYC Dental is the oldest continuing dental practice in New York City and the state. Today, its providers include Dr. Miraslava Drach, Dr. Chiyoon Ahn, Dr. Sang (Ben) Ahn, Dr. Ben Ifraimov, Dr. Jin Wang, Dr. Liza Horbar, and Dr. Dmitry Nikitayev. They provide diagnostic, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry, including implants, veneers, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and orthodontics. 209 NYC Dental has a 4.9-star Google rating.


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  • Brian S
    Brian S
    4 months ago

    This was the third dentist I visited while looking into a root canal treatment, and this will be my primary dentist going forward. My root canal was painless, and I was able to get my appointments scheduled with a short turnaround. I had virtually no wait here - I was in the exam room before my scheduled appointment time on both occasions, and I didn't have to sit around waiting in the exam room for the dentist to come. The staff were all extremely kind and helpful - one person at the front desk went out of their way to help me compare costs with different payment options - they accept insurance and dental savings plans. The quote for my treatment was nearly half the cost of the estimate another dentist had provided. I highly recommend this dental practice (and I would also warn others to avoid those new trendy dentists popping up around the city)

  • Alex
    a month ago

    When I found out 172 NYC Dental was responsible for my friend’s beautifully pearly white teeth, I went in for dental cleaning and general consultation. I’ve been looking for a new dental office to go to and my search is finally over!! Every bit of my experience here was better than I could have wished for! The office is very new, spacious and modern. The receptionists were super nice!! For the actual dental cleaning, Etoy was incredibly kind and thorough. I feel like I walked out with a new set of teeth!

  • Jessica Elias
    Jessica Elias
    5 months ago

    Good one stop shopping for all dental needs. Dr. Ifraimov is a lovely and talented cosmetic dentist and the work done here is good quality. Laura is very helpful and accommodating, But The overall customer service experience has gone downhill since new management took over the office within the last year. They have made numerous mistakes on my account and charged me for visits i never had. They used to be reasonably priced, but new management has changed that and the entire vibe of the office. I used to recommend this office to everyone but now i hesitate to do so.

  • Kay 2173inNY
    Kay 2173inNY
    4 months ago

    Dr. Song is intelligent and very clear, and he immediately inspired my confidence. He has a gentle touch as well and I'm glad I discovered this practice. An extra bonus is that the office is extremely efficient and well run. Folks are very pleasant to deal with too, a rarity these days.

  • Linda Gratta
    Linda Gratta
    a month ago

    Dr Ahn was very professional, caring and honest. The quick responses when I called were amazing. I would definitely recommend him. The staff was also professional and friendly. I got a good feel from this place. Also I was taken in as an emergency and even though they were busy they took me right away. Great place! Thank you❤️

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