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At Cosmetic Dental Studios, Dr. Victoria Veytsman uses cutting-edge procedures to create smile makeovers for celebrities and New York City residents alike. This modern, spa-like practice specializes in cosmetic dental services, including minimal-prep veneers, anti-aging dentofacial lifts, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and laser teeth whitening. Dr. Veytsman has a 5-star average Google rating and is frequently featured in the media sharing her expertise about dental health.


Google Reviews

248 reviews
  • Zandrea Penn
    Zandrea Penn
    a week ago

    Bespoke dental care in NYC. Very personalized treatment plans. I highly recommend her work. I had some fillings replaced a few years ago by Dr. Veytsman, and everything was painless and went well. The office staff is very warm and welcoming. It's a bit more expensive than other dentists, but you get what you pay for. This is a much more luxurious experience than other dentist's offices. It's definitely worth the cost.

  • M H
    M H
    a month ago

    Hello, I had a consult with Dr. Veytsman. My case is difficult. She took the time to explain an alternative treatment plan. I am so appreciative of her creative dentistry and expertise. My brother has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Veytsman. Do not hesitate to check out her services. BTW: she has a beautiful new office!

  • Debra Rivers
    Debra Rivers
    a month ago

    Dr. Victoria Veytsman was very pure & genuine. She was able to properly guide me on how to achieve a better smile. She’s very polite and I admire her work. 3 thumbs up 👍 👍👍 choose her! You will be blessed. Best, Debra 🙂

  • Dani Beckstrom
    Dani Beckstrom
    a month ago

    Dr. V, Celine, & Jessica are truly the dream team!! I spent months researching cosmetic dentists before finding this practice. Seeing examples of Dr. Veytsman’s previous work made me confident in her technical skill, but the whole team is so lovely that the smile makeover process I expected to be stressful and overwhelming turned out to be something I genuinely enjoyed from start to finish! Dr. V is the perfect mix of creative & artistic enough to build the perfect smile for each individual face, skilled enough to make the work quick & painless, and warm enough to make appointments something I actually looked forward to. She, Celine, and Jessica made me feel heard and supported the entire process and their feedback and expertise helped create a smile that was even better than anything I had hoped for. So grateful to benefit from this brilliant group of women’s talent and to be given the absolute GIFT of newfound confidence by creating a smile I’m so proud to show off!

  • Joe M.
    Joe M.
    4 months ago

    I wanted veneers for years. I looked abroad, you can get better prices but you have to travel to another country. In addition, I've heard so many horror stories of dental work gone wrong, so I really wouldn't recommend it. I've looked more locally in the States, and it's a mixed bag. I've seen places with thousands of reviews, but when you dig deeper, some of those reviews really rip the place apart. Some websites, when you go to the gallery to see the dental work, there will only be a hand full of photo's of there best work but not enough photo's to really tell if there work is always that consistent. Lastly, if you're going to get veneers, you want them to look as natural as possible, and that's also difficult to find. Dr. V veneers look incredible, and she knows it. She has a ton of photos displaying her work on Googlemaps and her website. Dr. V let's her work speak for itself, and her gallery speaks volumes. Her team is composed of Jessica and Selene. Everyone there treated me amazingly. They made me feel pampered from the beginning of the process, all the way to the end. Thank you so much :)))))))

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