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At Cosmetic Dental Studios, Dr. Victoria Veytsman uses cutting-edge procedures to create smile makeovers for celebrities and New York City residents alike. This modern, spa-like practice specializes in cosmetic dental services, including minimal-prep veneers, anti-aging dentofacial lifts, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and laser teeth whitening. Dr. Veytsman has a 5-star average Google rating and is frequently featured in the media sharing her expertise about dental health.


Google Reviews

243 reviews
  • Kim Panes
    Kim Panes
    5 months ago

    I spent long time searching throughout the USA as well as internationally for the top cosmetic dentist. Dr V not only lived up to her unbelievable reputation but exceeded what I had imagined. She is an expert at this highly specialized field of designing beautiful teeth in order to create the most amazing smile😀She is ultra professional yet so compassionate and her and her staff really takes care of you throughout the entire process. Dr.V is an absolute perfectionist

  • Jaime Kay Waxman
    Jaime Kay Waxman
    4 months ago

    Loved meeting Dr Veytsman. She gave me really honest feedback which was that she didn't really suggest me doing anything with my teeth other than a whitening! I was ready to make all sorts of changes and she didn't try to push me or sell me on something I didn't need. And bonus, she's super fun and funny! I will definitely be back for my whitening.

  • Jenna W
    Jenna W
    4 months ago

    I got my veneers done by Dr. Veytsman last fall. I’ve lived in them for a few months now and I’m so so sooo happy with the transformation!!! Whenever I see a pic from circa pre-Veytsman I am completely shocked at how much of a difference my new smile has made in my overall appearance & confidence. Thank you to the entire NYC office - you ladies made me feel so welcome and calm throughout the entire process from the first call to even actually holding my hand during my numbing shots. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Veytsman and her team - the personal touches & care shine through in every last thing they do!

  • Andrea Liucci
    Andrea Liucci
    3 weeks ago

    I couldn’t be happier with my results from Dr. Veytsman! After previously going to another cosmetic dentist, the obvious difference in level of care and service was immediately noticeable. The entire team makes you feel like you’re more than just another patient. Everything is clearly communicated and outlined so there are no surprises. I only regret not going sooner!

  • Alena Pilichowski
    Alena Pilichowski
    3 months ago

    Dr. Veytsman is the only person I would trust for cosmetic dental work. I had previously has some cosmetic work done that I wasn't happy with and went to her to get updates I'd be happy with. Had an amazing experience with her getting veneers done - couldn't recommend her enough for anyone looking to get dental work done in NYC!

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