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At Cosmetic Dental Studios, Dr. Victoria Veytsman uses cutting-edge procedures to create smile makeovers for celebrities and New York City residents alike. This modern, spa-like practice specializes in cosmetic dental services, including minimal-prep veneers, anti-aging dentofacial lifts, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and laser teeth whitening. Dr. Veytsman has a 5-star average Google rating and is frequently featured in the media sharing her expertise about dental health.


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237 reviews
  • Ilyssa Mooney
    Ilyssa Mooney
    5 months ago

    Dr.Veytsman and her team are the absolute best in the business! They took their time to explain the process and ensured that my comfort and happiness were their #1 priority. The entire experience was painless, and I left feeling super confident with my new smile. My veneers look beautiful and natural, and I have received so many compliments already. Thank you so much Dr.Veytsman, Celine, and Jessica – you changed my life!

  • J F
    J F
    6 months ago

    I believe Dr.Veytsman is the BEST cosmetic dentist. I traveled to NY to have my work with her. The whole experience was painless and actually very relaxing, I got out of my appointment and was able to enjoy the city with my family. My veneers are perfection. I asked for the largest and most bright look and Dr.V did exactly what I was looking for. I feel Vaneers are like a work of art, you don’t want to settle, it’s your face, it’s your smile and it has to be gorgeous. My teeth look so natural but so much bigger and brighter. I am obsessed!! Thank you Dr.Veytsman, Celine, and Jessica. You gave me the ultimate VIP experience and smile.

  • Kim Panes
    Kim Panes
    a month ago

    I spent long time searching throughout the USA as well as internationally for the top cosmetic dentist. Dr V not only lived up to her unbelievable reputation but exceeded what I had imagined. She is an expert at this highly specialized field of designing beautiful teeth in order to create the most amazing smile😀She is ultra professional yet so compassionate and her and her staff really takes care of you throughout the entire process. Dr.V is an absolute perfectionist

  • Louis Luxenberg
    Louis Luxenberg
    3 months ago

    I have been working with Victoria and her team for 8 years. From invisalign to porcelain, these woman can do it all. I have had a rough history of tooth issues and have always been afraid of dentists. Victoria and her team have always made me feel safe an assured that my problems will be resolved. Victoria has a steady hand, impeccable work ethic and most of all an understanding nature. Her staff, are the most professional team I have ever dealt with. They are quick to answer questions, always there to work with your scheduling needs and most of all they are human. This team should be the archetype of success that is taught in dental school. I don't wish any more dental issues on myself, but I do look forward to seeing them again soon. They have become like family. Thank you guys, from your white coat syndrome patient.. -Louis L

  • Colleen McSweeney
    Colleen McSweeney
    5 months ago

    For years, I never smiled because I was ashamed of my teeth.My regular dentist did not offer much hope so I accepted my fate -until I read about the work of Dr. Victoria Veytsman. Based purely on instinct, knowing it may be a long shot, I called her office. I spoke with Jessica, the helpful office manager who answered my questions and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Veytsman at her LA office. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcome and safe. Celine is a master dental assistant, she took X-rays and guided me skillfully through every step of the process. Dr. Veytsman was kind and thoughtful. She studied my case and developed a plan for me that made sense. My eyes welled with tears at the realization that Dr. Veytsman knew exactly what to do to help me. Her confidence, skill and expertise is unparalleled. She made the impossible possible, my heart is brimming with gratitude. I am smiling again.

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