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SoHo Dental Group in New York City offers general and cosmetic dentistry, including implants, crowns, fillings, inlays and onlays, and root canal therapy. The dental team of Dr. Alla Dorfman, Dr. Anthony Leonetti, Dr. Nicole Khalife, Dr. Ziwei Gao, and Dr. Fariya Islam have earned a 5-star rating on Google. SoHo Dental Group boasts a comfortable environment and multilingual staff speaking English, Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew.


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383 reviews
  • Krystyna Johnson
    Krystyna Johnson
    a month ago

    Great experience! Very modern and clean office. My hygienist was very patient, thorough, and as gentle as possible. Everyone here was so friendly. Intake form for new patients is entire too long, not sure what they can do about it, but I felt like some questions were unnecessary for standard dental care. Make sure you book your appointment in the morning so you get a warm welcome from the entire team at the front desk 😂

  • Tony Chen
    Tony Chen
    a month ago

    Overall I have had a really negative experience at this place… Over the years there have been multiple things that have ultimately pushed me to change my dentist: 1. The office has often employed a *bait and switch* technique. I had a crown that needed to be replaced and it was extremely unclear how much my insurance would cover. Every time I came in the price was different, and how much I owed was different. I was originally misinformed on the cost and had even put down an initial payment. Later the cost significantly increased because they had discovered the insurance company had stated the wrong number. At this point, I no longer wanted to perform this procedure at this new cost and wanted to withdraw my initial payment. However, I was informed by the office I was no longer able to withdraw because “they had started to prepare” even though we had done zero preparation work 2. I eventually went through with the procedure to replace my crown, only to find 2 months later it feels worse than before and is extremely uncomfortable. Even though during the session I had informed the dentist multiple times that it doesn’t feel great 3. Now I am trying to schedule an appointment to get it fixed, but their receptionists are no longer based in New York, but instead they have hired a virtual assistant from some other country. It’s been a week of almost daily calls to schedule an appointment with no luck and the same response everyday “you will receive a call back” Overall this has been a really frustrating experience and i encourage people to look elsewhere for their dentists

  • Kristy Wilkinson
    Kristy Wilkinson
    a week ago

    I am extremely impressed with this dentist office and the staff. Every staff member I talked with was extremely friendly, informative, and QUICK! I’ve only ever had mediocre experiences at the dentist but this experience at soho dental group was actually quite pleasant. I’ll definitely be a returning patient now.

  • Kennedi Traynor
    Kennedi Traynor
    a month ago

    One of the most traumatic experiences of my life, if they ever schedule you with the specialist Dr.Kim who works in that office every two weeks, do NOT go. First of all, I have severe medical anxiety and struggle feeling safe and taken seriously in the environment. They wrote on my chart “patient cries because of dislike of doctors”, which I saw when they projected the xrays of my teeth to show me. That statement makes me sound like a brat, and completely diminishes and belittles my very *real* anxiety. I immediately felt like a joke to them. I was there to do a root canal and Dr.Kim had one of the coldest bedside manners I’ve ever experienced. They took an hour and a half to try to get me numb enough to go on with the procedure, and every time they would lean me back to start to drill I could feel horrible pain. He did not apologize to me once or try to give me a moment to calm down, nothing. I grew more and more panicked each time they went to drill because the pain got more and more extreme until one point I screamed and grabbed the dental assistants hand. I started to have a full panic attack and could not go on, again no sort of encouragement or empathy from Dr.Kim. Now I have a hole in my tooth that goes down to the nerve, which they did patch with a temporary filling. The ONLY reason I’m giving two stars is because of how nice everyone else who works there is, I don’t appreciate the language that was used on my chart, but they were very friendly and patient to my face.

  • Luis Lipavsky
    Luis Lipavsky
    a month ago

    Extraordinary service and care!!! Dr. Leonetti and his entire team are the best. I went there with an emergency molar extraction due to an accident. They took care of me with a very humane understanding and patience. Recommended 100%

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