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Center City Orthodontics is a specialist orthodontic practice that provides customized, comprehensive orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages, located on South Street in downtown Philadelphia. It is a forward thinking office, with the latest in clinical techniques and a warm and friendly team of professionally trained staff.


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  • Meighan Flynn
    Meighan Flynn
    a month ago

    I’ve had the best experience with Center City Orthodontics. Every person I came into contact with was extremely helpful and kind. Highly recommended if you are thinking about taking that next step to improve your smile :) Thanks for everything!

  • Alan Nunez
    Alan Nunez
    a month ago

    I went here for an Invisalign consultation 2 years ago, and I still think about how well I was treated there. I really felt listened to and respected by the staff. Ultimately, I went to another orthodontist who was cheaper, which I regret. If I could choose again, I'd definitely go here.

  • Rachel
    3 months ago

    Dr. Thomas and his team are incredibly kind, but I’m not 100% satisfied with my results. I started Invisalign, and while my teeth made great progress, they are not completely straight. This is the result of refinement trays that were not fitting correctly during the last two months of my treatment (March-May). I expressed my concerns at least twice and felt like I was brushed off as being too particular but a second opinion from another orthodontist confirmed that two of my teeth are not aligned the way they should be. He felt more could be done to straighten them and I feel the same, but unfortunately by that point I already had my permanent retainer placed. So, while I’m glad I did get the process started here, I might look somewhere else to get further treatment in the future so my teeth are perfect. Additionally, they are always booked several months out. This was a problem for me as I had to wait almost a month to get my “permanent” plastic retainer after stopping my Invisalign trays. This also means waiting weeks or months to get any refinement trays between sets. Just something to keep in mind.

  • Mariah Sweeney
    Mariah Sweeney
    a year ago

    I'm so thankful to Dr. Tejjy Thomas and the staff of Center City Orthodontics for this amazing journey! I went in with so much anxiety and concerns about my smile and they made it so comfortable and pleasant. I really appreciated the kindness from Niesha, Shannon, Emily, Maria, Sam and everyone else! You all are so amazing and I appreciate how comforting you were throughout this process. My teeth feel and look amazing and I wouldn't have gone anywhere else! They take care of you here and it's super special how much they care about you and your smile. Thank you all again!! (Check out the before and after below! lol)

  • Alisina Shahi
    Alisina Shahi
    6 months ago

    From the moment I walked in the door, I was impressed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the office. Dr. Thomas himself was incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel at ease right away. He took the time to explain my treatment options in detail and answered all of my questions with patience and kindness. I could tell that he was truly invested in helping me achieve the best possible results. Throughout the course of my treatment, Dr. Thomas and his staff were always available to answer my questions and provide guidance when I needed it. They made me feel like I was part of their family and were genuinely interested in my progress. The office itself is modern, clean, and comfortable, and the equipment is top-of-the-line. I was always impressed by the level of care and attention to detail that was put into every aspect of my treatment. And the results speak for themselves! Thanks to Dr. Thomas's expertise and dedication, I now have a smile that I'm truly proud of. I can't recommend Center City Orthodontics and Dr. Tejjy Thomas enough - they truly go above and beyond to provide the best possible care to their patients. Five stars all around!

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