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At Dentistry at 1818, the team and the relaxed office environment that they create offer their patients an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Dr. Siegel is dedicated to providing patients with healthy teeth and beautiful smiles in an environment where they can feel completely comfortable.


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  • Dominique Nichole
    Dominique Nichole
    4 months ago

    The dental hygienist and medial team are extremely nice here. However, the office manager is a bit rude and abrasive. And looking at previous comments, this is obviously a common take away from this facility. Personally, as a black woman I think its important to feel safe and respected when I visit any medical facility. And for some reason it seems as if this location makes excuses for the poor customer service as opposed to correcting the problem. The reality is that the front office is the face of this facility, they are the individuals that you see when you walk in the door and the individuals you speak with when scheduling an appointment. It's unfortunate that one individual (on multiple occasions) has tainted my viewpoint of this practice. It's even more unfortunate that when I called to share my frustrations, I was told "sorry that you felt that way (not an apology)" and "If you don't want to be a patient here, that's fine as well" (which was unnecessary considering that I never mentioned leaving). Outside of the customer service experience, this facility is great. But personally for me, customer service and how people speak to me is just as important as the medical services being provided. And when I chose a medical practice, its a long-term relationship so everything has to align. I hope others have a better experience than I had. And I hope moving forward that the individuals at this practice learn how to talk to clients with respect and empathy.

  • Scott Defelice
    Scott Defelice
    4 months ago

    I was a patient for many years and happy with the service. I went in for a routine cleaning (I get one every six months) and when it was done was told that there were no open appointments available to schedule my next cleaning 6 months out. Apparently they took on too many new patients and didn’t have the staff to service both current patients and new patients. I was told nothing could be done, I sent a follow up message post appointment through the website and received no reply more than 3 weeks later. I hope they find a way to better manage their resources in the future. Went in for a routine cleaning and found out it was apparently my last visit. Great dentist if routine cleanings aren’t important to you I guess… honestly I wish they had just said “Scott, we’re having a temporary staffing issue. If you can be flexible with us we will put your name on a list and ensure you get your next cleaning.” I would have been fine to even skip one cleaning with some reassurance and follow up on their end.

  • Zoë Marcus
    Zoë Marcus
    4 months ago

    Great service, promptly called back for my visit on time. The hygienist Rosemary was very thorough and kind with my cleaning. My teeth were fine, so the dentist just barely popped in to give me the all clear. Receptionist Drew was helpful in updating my insurance and scheduling my next appointment. Overall great experience and will be continuing to come to Dentistry at 1818 Market!

  • Arleen Evans
    Arleen Evans
    a month ago

    I went to Dentistry at 1818 Market Street to get a replacement crown for my front tooth. The crown I had was ugly and did not match my other teeth. For my first visit, Dr. Siegel removed the old crown and measured me for a new one. For the second visit, the replacement tooth was great, but my tooth underneath was dark and it showed through the crown. He returned it to the lab and it was corrected and when I returned for the last visit, the crown turned out to be fabulous. It’s great to smile with confidence!! The staff is very friendly and professional and the office is clean. I highly recommend Dr. Siegel for all of your dental needs! You won’t be disappointed.

  • Leslie C.
    Leslie C.
    3 months ago

    The people are always wonderful, from the front desk, to the hygienists, to the doctors - they are all very friendly. They always take their time to explain what they are doing and are very cautious to be gentle. Highly recommend.

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