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At Dentistry at 1818, the team and the relaxed office environment that they create offer their patients an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Dr. Siegel is dedicated to providing patients with healthy teeth and beautiful smiles in an environment where they can feel completely comfortable.


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  • Monica Robinson
    Monica Robinson
    3 months ago

    I had the best dental experience ever. All the staff were polite, friendly and professional. They explained every detail of my exam and cleaning, step by step. After my cleaning I literally said “that was the best cleaning experience I’ve ever had”. I’ve been to the dentist plenty of times but I’ve never had a doctor explain to me how to properly take care of my crown and what to look out for. They made it so comfortable for me to ask questions without judgement. If you’re looking for smooth, professional dental services this is your place.

  • Trevor Graham
    Trevor Graham
    4 months ago

    Initially over the phone it was a rough go. The young gentleman was very assertive when I didn’t have my correct insurance information as if I was trying to get a free cleaning. Lol. I booked anyway and was given additional info by a young lady who told me how to fill out initial forms online. My appointment went well. The staff was courteous and the Doc was very professional. The only thing I was baffled at was why I couldn’t get my teeth cleaning done the same time as the imaging? They even asked me if I could come back at 11 which was a little more than 2 hours after my initial appointment. That just seemed bizarre to me. Overall, the experience was good. Going back for my cleaning next April.

  • Ross Alexander
    Ross Alexander
    2 months ago

    Waited 8 months for an appointment, waited 10-15 minutes at the building front desk to get to the office, was told once I got to the office I was late and they needed to reschedule. I was late by 8 minutes due to building they were located in. Was treated very rudely because I was “late”. Told them what happened at front desk so they were aware and still treated poorly by front desk. I understand you have to keep a schedule, but no reason to treat people so rudely, particularly when your building caused the delay. Not going back! I was not offered availability the following day. I was offered a cleaning in May. And I was offered a cleaning the same day via a call back after my wife called in and spoke to someone about transferring our records to another dentist.

  • Katrina Kugelmeier
    Katrina Kugelmeier
    3 months ago

    I have been going Dentistry at 1818 for over a decade and find Dr Siegal to be super compassionate and great. As someone who doesn’t need much more than cleanings, I think most of the team is professional, nice and quick. Shout out to the hygienist, Bisa for her humor and excellent cleaning. She made it a pleasure. I highly recommend going here.

  • Melissa Gabello
    Melissa Gabello
    3 months ago

    The hygienists are wonderful, however the customer service of the people answering phones and working at reception leave a lot to be desired. They are very rude to deal with. I also find the dentists to be very unfriendly.

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