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At Dentistry at 1818, the team and the relaxed office environment that they create offer their patients an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Dr. Siegel is dedicated to providing patients with healthy teeth and beautiful smiles in an environment where they can feel completely comfortable.


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  • Trevor Graham
    Trevor Graham
    2 weeks ago

    Initially over the phone it was a rough go. The young gentleman was very assertive when I didn’t have my correct insurance information as if I was trying to get a free cleaning. Lol. I booked anyway and was given additional info by a young lady who told me how to fill out initial forms online. My appointment went well. The staff was courteous and the Doc was very professional. The only thing I was baffled at was why I couldn’t get my teeth cleaning done the same time as the imaging? They even asked me if I could come back at 11 which was a little more than 2 hours after my initial appointment. That just seemed bizarre to me. Overall, the experience was good. Going back for my cleaning next April.

  • Megan Rooney
    Megan Rooney
    3 months ago

    The office is conveniently located. Staff are always personable. Barbara, one of the hygienists, is phenomenal. They're highly communicative, sending reminders for appointments by email and text. The practice was recommended by a colleague and I have since recommended it to other colleagues.

  • Kim Breslin
    Kim Breslin
    a month ago

    I can not say enough about 1818! Dr Siegel is wonderful - kind and gentle and skilled. The office staff is lovely. Yesterday a beautiful assistant named Nicky made a terrible day turn around by her kindness and care. Thank you Nicky and the entire staff of 1818.

  • Tamara Peace
    Tamara Peace
    2 weeks ago

    I am very pleased with the care I receive at Dentistry at 1818 Market St. To say that my hygienist, Barbara, is superb would be a deep understatement. She is quite thorough; explains exactly and precisely what she's doing all throughout the cleaning process, and; she gives you a very detailed explanation of what she has observed about everything concerning your teeth, gums, bone structures of your jaw---even your tongue health! But what is so impressive, in addition to her clear dedication to performing an excellent job, is her sheer enthusiasm for her profession and for the biomedical research done in the dental field. She respects her clients such that, if she detects that you are the kind of person who wants access to this type of in-depth information, she will point you in that direction directly. She firmly believes that a great deal of her job is educating her client as much as possible. Last (if she has them in stock), you get goodies! After my first teeth cleaning with Barbara earlier this year, among other things I received a neat tongue scraper--an invaluable little tool so that now I don't have to use a spare toothbrush. My attending dentist, Dr. Jonathan Siegel, is deeply knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. One of his best methods is the in-depth conversation he has with you during the initial consult. Be prepared to not have your cleaning that first visit, but your x-rays and bite wings will be taken and a careful assessment made of the present condition of your teeth (really your entire mouth) will be made. He astutely offers alternative approaches to any given dental situation, and you would trust his advice precisely because he takes the time to hear your dental history from you, the client, as well as by looking at your records. I have only seen Dr. Siegel twice this year, but I felt keenly heard on both occasions, and I am very confident in his guidance and suggested courses of action. The best quality he has, in my opinion, is that he doesn't rush the client into making snap decisions about anything (even when it's clear he's extremely busy). I appreciate this quality greatly---we're presently taking a reasonable "watch and see" approach to a small issue I have that I don't feel compelled to respond to right at this moment. Just knowing that it's on both his and Barbara's radars, though, makes me feel much more confident in being able to take my time with the matter--I trust them and feel like I'm a true partner in my own care. Last, but never, ever least, the support staff is excellent--from the front desk receptionists and schedulers to the first receiving dental associates. The receptionists are swift and business-like, yes, but they never rude or off-putting. They all possess just the correct balance of very necessary efficiency (the office is extremely busy at all times) and warmth shown to the client. I'm really happy that I've found a dental group I'm thoroughly comfortable with after my former group stopped taking my dental insurance. I'll be staying Dentistry at 1818 Market a very long time. If you are comfortable with the pace of a very busy, Center City located dental office, and don't mind a smaller office space, I HIGHLY recommend this practice.

  • Kim Langston
    Kim Langston
    4 months ago

    I’ve been to a lot of dentists in the past and I would have to say Denistry at 1818 Market st is very professional but also kind. I appreciate how kind the dental assistants, hygienists and dentists were. I’m not a fan of the dentist, but it was surprisingly not a bad experience because everyone was so nice. Thank you!

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