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As the name suggests, Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics specializes in periodontal therapy and implants, offering cutting-edge treatments such as Same-Day Smile/Teeth Today, All-on-4, LANAP gum disease laser therapy, LAPAP peri-implantitis laser treatment, and Chao Pinhole gum rejuvenation. Dr. Philip L. Fava II, Dr. Robert A. Levine, and Dr. Eric Schoenebeck make up the team at this Philadelphia practice, which has earned a rating of 5 stars on Google.


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318 reviews
  • Shawana Brown
    Shawana Brown
    4 months ago

    I absolutely loveeeeeeeeeed my experience at the Pennsylvania Center! The service was phenomenal and the Doctors have a wealth of knowledge in regards to the health and well-being of your smile! And they care!!! All the staff members really care and give great concern to their patients! I will definitely be back for my next dental session : )

  • Kim Baker
    Kim Baker
    2 months ago

    I travel from Delaware to this place because its quality dental care. They listened to my concerns and was totally honest with me concerning expectations. It was about the work instead of the earning a quick and easy buck. I didnt feel like I was just a number. Yes, I can say I was safe and totally in good hands. Finally!!

  • MaryEllen Brown
    MaryEllen Brown
    4 months ago

    Although it is never a desired outcome to lose a tooth, Dr. Fava and his staff made the entire experience as easy as possible. From the initial consultation, to the extraction, to the implant surgery, and every follow up appointment, I felt like I was in very good hands. The ultimate result of having a new permanent tooth made it all worthwhile. Thanks, Dr. Fava!

  • MaryJane Colon
    MaryJane Colon
    11 months ago

    I am fortunate to have had the dedicated team at PA Center for Dental Implants provide their caring services during my dental implantation journey. Dr. Levine and his staff are the best, all top notch professionals and leaders in the dental implant field. I highly recommend Dr. Levine and the staff at PA Center for Dental Implants. They have positively impacted my life by providing me with a better quality of life and a beautiful smile.

  • Andrew Levine
    Andrew Levine
    9 months ago

    Dr. Fava and the entire team are simply outstanding. From the initial visit through each procedure they are professional, caring, and take the time to make the entire process from the initial visit through post op as easy and comfortable as possible. After having to deal with complex implants, bone grafts, and dental work over many years, I couldn't be more impressed with their work and level of care. Thank you!

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