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One of the most important experiences that patients have during a dental visit is their interaction with the staff. At Arcadia Dental Arts, we take patient-centered care to the next level. We want you and your family to feel like part of our family.


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  • Jean-Luc Le Provost
    Jean-Luc Le Provost
    2 months ago

    Always excellent care. Always in time. And best of all the, the people. Amazing dentist, Dr. Pappas is a remarkable practitioner with the best care. Staff is awesome. They really are a wonderful practice and so grateful for all their care. Thank you guys

  • Beverly OConnor
    Beverly OConnor
    a month ago

    Dr. Pappas has created practice that I would recommend to everyone. My past dental experiences has left me with some mixed levels of PTSD. I know that sounds dramatic, but is so true. I now can walk in to an environment that makes me comfortable with a team that does not judge. Even with the poor current state of my dental health, he and his team do quality work and have done repair of previous dental work. By far the best dental practice I have ever experienced. 🙌

  • cynthia manly
    cynthia manly
    a month ago

    Dr. Pappas and his team are great. MJ cleaned my teeth today and they feel wonderful. I know many people are frightened to go to the dentist, but Dr. Pappas and his staff treat his patients like family and provide excellent care. I will never go anywhere else for my dental needs.

  • Kurt Parks
    Kurt Parks
    6 months ago

    When thinking of my first experience with Arcadia Dental Arts this morning, I think of people - sincere, open, competent, thorough, professional, fun-living, serious people. I mean that. A visit to the dentist's office that was truly a pleasure. Really? Yes. I had even made note of Kim's name when I made my appointment, just because of those qualities . Then when I walked in, I met Alba...who did all the prep work, pictures, and x-rays. Next, Dr John, who was more thorough in finding out the condition and health of my teeth, and all associated muscles and hinges than I knew existed; who then listed all the options, with the pros and cons, and answered my questions. Then on to MJ for cleaning. Have I had my teeth as well cleaned and attended to before? My questions answered so thoroughly? If so. I don't recall it. Each of these people were a continuation of what I felt about Kim when I made my appointment...who I then spoke with as I exited. Yes, she confirmed once again, my original perception. It seems illogical to say that it was a pleasure to visit the dentist's office, but I must! :)

  • Toni Spears
    Toni Spears
    3 months ago

    Have been searching for a dentist I like for years and have finally found Dr. Pappas at Arcadia Dental Arts! Super happy with everything from initial appt to post cleaning! Love love love and highly recommend!

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