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Dr. Jennifer E. New focuses on prevention to help patients maintain excellent oral health. She offers preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental care, including dental bonding, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, and full arch replacement. Dr. New is an active member of the American Society of Implant & Restorative Dentistry (ASIRD), which means that she is highly qualified to place dental implants. This San Jose dental practice has a 5-star Google rating.


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  • Eric The Red
    Eric The Red
    3 months ago

    I have been going to this office long before Dr. New took over. I have always received great care. Holly who is the hygienist does a superb job cleaning teeth painlessly. Carla is a dental assistant who is great at what she does, and Dr New is fantastic. Dr. New has modernized the dental practice improving comfort, quality and efficiency since she took over many years ago. Even though this is out-of-network for me, the care I receive is top rate and worth the extra cost. This office is filled with such wonderful warm and charming people, I actually enjoy my dental visits,.

  • L T
    L T
    a week ago

    Dr. New did not isolate large and deep amalgam mercury filling during removal resulting in toxicity and severe sinus pain. After I specifically inquired about safe removal, grinded down rapidly without any type of isolation forcing ingestion. Dr. New also did not clean my tooth before cementing a crown. Dr. New drilled down my central tooth significantly for a cosmetic service that should have required no drilling at all…. Severely damaging and removing my enamel. Then dug into bonding with drill, leaving a intentionally noticeable flaw, on my severely damaged front tooth. Causing me intense pain and to need a root canal and veneer on my front tooth. Dr. New became hostile and abandoned care when I mentioned accountability. Threatened to call the cops after I requested to discuss the situation in-person. Avoided phone calls and emails regarding accountability. Dr. New did not fulfill clinical records request until 4th request. Falsely characterized me as “aggressive and distraught”. Meanwhile, I need a root canal and veneer on my front tooth, and have a toxic blood test from unnecessary mercury exposure.

  • Laura Slankauskas
    Laura Slankauskas
    2 years ago

    Fantastic place to go! Not only are they incredibly kind and professional but the work they do is amazing. It had been a long time since I last had a professional cleaning so I was a little nervous but they made me feel so comfortable right off the bat. The hygienist Haleh did a wonderful job with my teeth, they are so clean and beautiful I almost didn't recognize my own teeth. I also take my daughter to this office. Dr. New and the hygienist are so good with kids it's very comforting to know my children are in good hands. I am moving out of the area but if I could continue care with them I would feel incredibly happy to use this office as my life long dental care. Thank you so much Dr. New and team!

  • Pamela Fuller
    Pamela Fuller
    a year ago

    Dr. New is a dentist you will feel comfortable with as soon as you meet her. She has such a friendly and reassuring demeanor and genuinely listens and responds to your concerns. She is very thorough with a caring and common sense approach that I value immensely. Dr. New goes above and beyond your expectations of a dentist and you will leave happily singing her praises to friends and family as I have.

  • Susan Quan
    Susan Quan
    11 months ago

    As a practicing dental hygienist, you could say that I am able to tell a good dental experience from a bad one. Dr. New and her staff are exceptional! Biting on something hard is always a gamble when you have dental work in the mouth. Last week was a bad gamble for me as corn nuts took out a 30 year old porcelain crown. Dr. New's office got me in the very next day, as she understands that a broken tooth leads to many other problems. Even before I arrived, I was able to complete the "paperwork" ahead of time at my convenience. This meant that I could walk right into the procedure. Thanks to their efficiency and highly skilled team, a 90 min procedure only took 60. Dr. New talked through the procedure to keep me update on what was going on. I could tell that she is thinking about all the considerations needed to ensure a good fitting crown, and all the things that needed to happen to get a great finished product. And all along, the conversation was quite entertaining so the time passed super fast. I warned everyone that I always fall asleep during dental procdures, but didn't even have time to do that! HA! As a professional that sees my fair share of temporary crowns on my own patients, I must say that I am thoroughly pleased with the temporary on my tooth. It was made extra small so that I would not be able to pull it off with flossing, clenching or eating. GENIUS! I wish more of my other patients (I work in a specialty practice with patients referred in by many *other* dentists) could benefit from this geniusness! :) Dr. New's assistant was great! She and doc work seamlessly to get the job done and ensured my comfort. Dr. New's mother is the finance coordinator and she was right on top of the financial arrangments, so there was no thinking needed on my part! Always a PLUS! All around great experience and I will definitely continue to recommend their services to others.

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