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7 Tips on How to Choose a Top Dentist

7 Tips on How to Choose a Top Dentist

Going to the dentist isn’t something most people look forward to, but with the right dentist, it can be convenient and painless. But how do you find the best dentist?
There are many factors to consider, from the dentist’s qualifications to the technology they use to practical concerns like the hours they’re open and whether they take your insurance. And don’t forget the importance of reviews. Fortunately, can help you search for dentists that meet your needs.

Ask for a Referral from Friends and Family

There’s no replacement for word-of-mouth. When searching for a new dentist, why not start with people whose opinions you already trust, like family and friends? Ask what they like about their current dentist, including the quality of the dental work performed and the dentist’s personality and demeanor. It can be equally valuable to ask if there are any dentists in your city they’ve been to and don’t recommend.

Read Reviews for the Practice – and the Individual Dentist

Once you have a few dental practices in mind based on recommendations, reading reviews can help you narrow them down further. In addition to the average rating, look at how many reviews the practice has and how recent they are. Also note if reviewers are praising a particular dentist within the practice – and see if you can make an appointment with that person.

What Is the Dentist’s Education and Experience?

A reputable dentist should describe their education and experience on their website. In particular, check whether the dentist has experience with the specific type of dental work you need. For example, one dentist may be highly experienced in endodontics, but not in prosthodontics.

Membership in Professional Associations

Also look to see what professional organizations the dentist belongs to, including the American Dental Association (ADA). While all US dentists are required to graduate from an ADA-approved dental school, those who choose to be members of this professional organization benefit from additional resources and information that help them better serve patients. There are also many other specialized dental organizations that can reveal more about a dentist’s expertise.

Do They Use Advanced Technology?

Dentistry is a constantly evolving field, and new technology has made many common dental treatments quicker, painless, and capable of producing better results. When you’re looking for a top dentist, check to see if they use technology such as digital x-rays, laser dentistry, and CEREC one-day crowns.

Do They Accept Your Insurance?

Be sure to confirm that the dental office takes your insurance before your first appointment to avoid any surprise bills. If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry – many dentists offer payment plans to make treatment more affordable.

What Hours Are They Available?

Dentists realize that many people today have busy schedules and don’t have time for a dental appointment during the traditional hours of 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. With many dental offices now offering evening, early morning, or weekend hours, there’s no reason to put off the dental care you need.

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