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Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry welcomes Atlanta patients with a luxury experience, using advanced technology like 3D CT imaging and digital intraoral cameras as well as personal touches like comfortable chairs and dental sedation. Dr. Bahar Nia, Dr. William Zinney, Dr. Sara Khan, and Dr. Faith Volpe offer cosmetic and family dental care, including Invisalign, root canal treatment, sleep apnea treatment, fillings, and sealants. Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has 4.9 stars on Google.


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  • Thomas Gilmore
    Thomas Gilmore
    2 months ago

    Coming back to revisit this review. After getting in a disagreement about it fluoride with a hygienist and bringing it up here on Google, I tried to schedule a cleaning just last week and they said that she will not accept appointments with me. Strange that instead of trying to resolve our differences or accepting our different opinions on fluoride, the hygienist chooses to not allow me to schedule an appointment with her. Also, I meant to bring up that doctor (what's her name?) sold me a plastic mouthguard for $500. I told her I didn't want plastic and she said no no no no this is acrylic. I confirmed after looking it up. Acrylic is literally a thermoplastic. So I got gypped and put plastic in my mouth every night for about a year thanks to this lady. And regarding your response below. I did give it two years and tried you guys again hence the review above. If you guys feel differently, please give me a call. You clearly still have my name and number.

  • S J
    S J
    4 months ago

    Don't be fooled by the reviews. This clinic leads with their awards and accolades but does not reinforce that with personalized care to patients. I take great care of my dental health and was surprised to learn from their assessment that I needed 3 expensive crowns. They insisted they needed to take place within a few months. Luckily, I got a second opinion from another clinic who denounced their assessment, stating that not only did i not need the crowns but I had not even one cavity or area of concern. They should be ashamed. Oh and a year after leaving their clinic I'm still receiving bills, for what.... who knows. Don't waste your time! Find a more honorable clinic that isn't clout chasing.

  • Aisha
    2 months ago

    Excellent customer Service ! Awesome facility the entire staff & clinicians are polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Truly the best dentistry experience I’ve had. Thank you !

  • Ashley Towns
    Ashley Towns
    7 months ago

    Came in this morning off of a referral and wow! The cleanliness and the professionalism of the staff was amazing. Everyone was so warm and friendly. They let you know step by step what they were doing and even dropped some knowledge on me to better my teeth! Thanks ladies!! Will be referring others

  • Louise Suissa
    Louise Suissa
    6 months ago

    I was injured at this practice and wanted to hear from the proprietor Dr. Bahar Nia that she cared or was at least concerned. Instead my calls were screened and all I got was a recording and no return calls from anyone. This is the worst and most unprofessional dental practice I have ever been to. I was treated roughly, injured, disrespected and no return from the anyone. It wasn't until I made a complaint against Dr. Nia's license that my phone call was answered and I was allowed to get my stitches taken out. This practice has great hype with magazines on the walls with articles about Dr. Nia, and a posting on the top denists of Atlanta. Admittedly I was convinced by the glitter at first, but the reality is quite different. It just goes to show what money can buy.

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