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Dr. Robin Bethell, Dr. Christopher Disla, Dr. Camila Garcia, and Dr. Sussan Helmick make up the skilled dental team at Forest Family Dentistry in Austin. They offer services such as fillings, gum therapy, implants, Invisalign, wisdom teeth extraction, and other family and cosmetic dentistry. This modern dental practice has a 4.9-star rating on Google and takes pride in making dental care affordable, efficient, and enjoyable.


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  • Danielle Prince
    Danielle Prince
    4 months ago

    Been going here a couple years now. Love their bedside manner and results, way better than the dentist I saw as a kid. I do regular cleanings, had a cavity filled, and replaced some old fillings. One was small and easy, the other was large and nearly 20 years old. That got replaced with a crown, which I always knew was coming. It was my first crown and while I didn't have a great deal of discomfort, it took a few months before that part of my mouth felt completely normal again.

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith
    a month ago

    I've visited Forest Family Dentistry and years and recommend it to my friends. The care I get is excellent. They've got state of the art equipment, the cleanings are very thorough, and they're nice about issues you may have...not sure what else you want from a dentist other than perhaps easier scheduling. They are really popular so you have to get appointments really far out.

  • Charity Emery
    Charity Emery
    a month ago

    The check in process for a new patient was seamless. I was able to fill out everything online prior to the appointment. The staff was very friendly. After the checkup and cleaning, the dentist took the time to explain the next steps and asked what I thought was a priority. I am very glad I found this office and will definitely switch permanently, even though it is several miles from where I currently reside.

  • Leah Pratt
    Leah Pratt
    6 months ago

    These folks are so much better than the dentists I have seen over the past 25 years. They listen to you and they don’t hurt you. Their insurance billing is amazing. The dental assistants are gentle and skilled. The dentists work fast and make your teeth fit. And if there is ever an issue, they will fix it.

  • David Jurbergs
    David Jurbergs
    a week ago

    As someone who has had some terrible experiences in the past with dentists & oral surgeons, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the professionalism and care that all the staff exhibited. They took extra effort to listen to my concerns and explain everything to me. They several times stopped to ask if I had questions or concerns. Both the hygienist and Dr. Erik Meckel we’re attentive and compassionate. I definitely recommend them.

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