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Warshauer & Santamaria has been serving Boston patients for over 50 years and has a 4.9-star rating on Google. The expert team of Dr. Irays Santamaria, Dr. Walid Dehni, Dr. Olympia Karacosta, Dr. Lorenzo Mordini, and Dr. April Alford offers cosmetic, general, and specialty dentistry. Their services include Invisalign, veneers, composite fillings, full mouth reconstruction, and dental implants. The practice has been named “Best Dentist” by Boston Magazine.


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  • Chandni Pattani
    Chandni Pattani
    4 months ago

    I am a patient at Warshauer & Santamaria. Whilst I am happy to be a patient here, I just wanted to give some gentle feedback: Firstly I understand it is a dentist’s job to advise. However recently, each time I attend here, I feel pressured by numerous employees to undergo additional services and treatment, some of which without prior knowledge. For example, I had turned up for my appointment today and was told over the phone before that it was just for cleaning. Then, when I turned up, I was told it’s for cleaning and x, y and z which I was not told beforehand. I am aware that the dentist has put together a treatment plan and when the time is right, I will consider it as there are multiple factors to consider beforehand (e.g finances, work and family commitments, travel etc.) but I do not want to be pressured to do this. For now, I just want the Professional Dental Cleaning service, as I’ve had a great experience with the hygienist. Please can you make a note of this as I don’t want to be pressured going forwards for additional services? I will be sure to let you know if I require additional services. To confirm, my next appointment in May is for dental cleaning and exam. After that, I just want professional dental cleaning please. Please feel free to contact me to discuss. I have emailed you my contact details.

  • Melissa McKay
    Melissa McKay
    6 months ago

    Great first visit as a new patient. A friend recommended this practice and I’m so glad she did. Easy paper work - download their app, answer a few questions, include your insurance number and you’re done. Welcoming, efficient, positive, modern and professional. None of the cold corporate chain doom and gloom dentist vibe. Great cleaning experience

  • Elena Malanca
    Elena Malanca
    a month ago

    I am happy and content with my today appointment with Dr. Walid Dehni. He was open for my request to try alternative approaches in my complicated case treatment and save the tooth. I know him for 20 years and totally trust . I also recommend Dr.Dehni to my family and friends.

  • Danni
    2 months ago

    These dentists are predatory. All I will say about my visit is that I was told the bones of my front two teeth are too short and are at risk for falling out of my head at any moment. According to the dentist I saw, this is how my teeth grew in as a child, which makes me wonder why no other dentist, orthodontist, or oral surgeon I have ever seen in my entire LIFE has told me this if it is so extreme. I was then handed a "preventative" treatment plan that would cost me THOUSANDS of dollars. Safe to say I will never be returning.

  • Kathleen Foley
    Kathleen Foley
    a week ago

    Enjoyed Molly! Professional , knowledgeable and adept in her skills. Not only that she was fun and enjoyable to talk with!

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