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Strobel Dentistry has been serving Chicago for 90 years and has earned a rating of 4.9 stars on Google. Today, it is run by Dr. Dan Strobel, the grandson of the founder, and Dr. Isabella Terrassa. They offer compassionate general, cosmetic, and periodontal dental treatments, including crowns, fillings, extractions, implants, and root canal therapy. Strobel Dentistry uses state-of-the-art technology like the Solea Dental Laser and CEREC single-day restorations.


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  • Nancy Nguyen
    Nancy Nguyen
    8 months ago

    I’ve been coming here since 2017 and my experience here every single time is of the highest standards. The space is immaculate and everyone is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and professional. The views are also a plus— its amazing! I always feel like Dr. Dan genuinely has my best interest and will give me recommendations best for me to help me save money where I can. I’m so grateful this place is here and is my dentist! I am always excited for my visits and always leave happy. I would HIGHLY recommend Strobel Dentistry to ANYONE! I’m aware that some people are afraid of the dentist but to anyone who is afraid of the dentist, GO HERE NOW because this is where your fears will disappear! The team here will help you have the best experience. You will love it!

  • Mayra Tellez
    Mayra Tellez
    6 months ago

    As a new patient at Strobel Dentistry, I found the place to be very appealing and wonderful! Receptionists were very welcoming as soon as I walked through the door. I was able to get a broken tooth extracted and I will be replacing it with a tooth implant at this location. I went through many sites on google and even went to some of my local dentist offices, but none were able to make me feel as comfortable as I did at this place. Marcy was able to ease some of my anxiety when I made the decision that I would have my tooth extraction surgery the same day I walked in due to an infection on my tooth. This was also because the doctor who does tooth extractions happened to be there, to my luck! Marcy was also able to explain financial costs to me very well, since that was also one of my main concerns. She was able to put me on a monthly plan, which is also a good reason to come here, since from my knowledge a lot of people struggle with health insurance coverage in the U.S. like me, so she made it possible to be within my reach. Today is day two of my post- operation and everything has looked good so far! I expected to feel a lot of pain or see a lot of swelling from the tooth extraction surgery, however that has not been the case. I am actually looking forward to my dental appointments, after about 10 years of not going to the dentist, to see how everything goes and turns out. I'm very satisfied with my decision in continuing care at Strobel Dentistry with Dr. Isabella and the team!

  • Christopher Sweat
    Christopher Sweat
    2 months ago

    I love Strobel Dentistry. Dr. Isabella is amazing. The whole staff is warm and welcoming. Leslie helped me feel comfortable and is someone I now see regularly for dental work. They accomodate my needs and requests and work with me to implement a plan to improve my overall oral health. I am thankful I ran into this Dentist office and I plan to be a long time customer going forward!

  • Ryan Knapp
    Ryan Knapp
    5 months ago

    I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Dan and his staff, I truly have always had an amazing experience with him as my dentist. I have the perfect smile I always wanted thanks to his help with Invisalign and he recently bonded a chipped tooth of mine within 20 minutes. Dr. Dan is so understanding and never feels like he’s rushing you and always wants to discuss the plan before acting. I would recommend him to anyone looking for dentistry care in Chicago.

  • Will Whiting
    Will Whiting
    3 months ago

    I am traveling for work, and I had a dental emergency. Dr. Dan and his staff couldn’t have been nicer. He explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable, even as a new person to his clinic. I required additional care from a specialist, and Dr. Dan and his team arranged all of it. Words can’t genuinely describe my sincere gratitude for Dr. Dan and his staff. I might not live in Chicago, but I’m a huge fan of this practice and Dr. Dan. Their level of care and service is the best.

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