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Grandview Dental Care offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry from Dr. Abraham Hoellrich, Dr. Vishal Chitkara, Dr. Max Grosel, and Dr. William Thompson. Their full-service approach to dentistry includes services such as dental bonding, veneers, one-appointment crowns, teeth whitening, and gum disease treatment. Grandview Dental Care has been serving Columbus since 1978 and now uses cutting-edge technology such as the Cavitron JET Plus and SNAP cosmetic imaging. The practice has a 4.9 rating on Google.


Google Reviews

979 reviews
  • Elizabeth Onzima
    Elizabeth Onzima
    in the last week

    I have been a patient here for such a long time, 10 plus years. I have always felt so well cared for. Liz is a truly outstanding and incredibly kind hygienist! I got to meet Dr. Nisha today, she was so genuine and easy to talk to. If you are looking for the best people to carry your smile through the years, THIS is your practice!

  • Jillian Finkel
    Jillian Finkel
    a week ago

    Best dental office in Columbus! I recently got four wisdom teeth extracted here (no referral needed!), in addition to getting my regular cleanings with this team, and I could not have had a better experience. I'll continue coming here for as long as I'm in driving distance, honestly. Fantastic, knowledgeable, friendly folks work at Grandview Dental Care. The best!

  • Alina Coy
    Alina Coy
    a month ago

    Grandview Dental makes going to the dentist so easy. And even on days when it's still hard, they make it better. They truly go above and beyond to make you feel valued and comfortable. I happened to have a particularly hard previous 24 hours before my appointment today and was really struggling, so I ended up having a little cry in the office. Amanda and Casey (I hope I am spelling your name right) took such great care of me and comforted me. THEY EVEN GAVE ME FLOWERS! Poor Amanda, I think I hugged her for forever. They both made me feel so safe during a vulnerable moment and I hugely appreciate them as well as the rest of their team. Everyone there is so friendly and accommodating. I hope I never move out of Columbus so I won't ever have to find a new dental office because I would be crushed. That's how much I love them there.

  • Harsh Shah
    Harsh Shah
    5 months ago

    I was seen at Grandview Dental Care by Dr. Max and Lainey, and they did a beautiful and tremendous job at fixing my tooth! The crown on my bottom left was chipping and had a big cavity in it. Dr. Max numbed me up and was very gentle through that process. He took off my old crown and cleaned up the tooth without me feeling any pain. The best part was the digital impression they took of my tooth, which Dr. Max did a wonderful job explaining the digital images. The crown was made in their "in-house" lab and it turned out beautiful! In about couple of hours I walked out with a healthy and brand new tooth! Thank you to all the staff, Dr. Max and Dr. Nisha for a great experience! I would highly recommend Grandview Dental Care for all your dental needs!

  • Briana Gratz
    Briana Gratz
    3 months ago

    Grandview Dental is the only dental office I have been to that makes me feel comfortable. I used to DREAD going to the dentist even for simply cleanings. They've got up to date tech, and have actually helped me to no longer get loads of cavities. The staff there are incredibly nice! Liz is the BEST hygienist I have ever had. She is gentle, kind, and so fun and easy to talk to! I will continue to tell everyone I know looking for a dentist that Grandview Dental is THE PLACE if you don't want to hate the dentist anymore.

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