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Polaris Orthodontic Center, the office of Dr. Amin Mason, proudly offers a variety of orthodontic treatment techniques to adults and children. Their mission is to provide the highest quality care to patients of all ages using the most modern orthodontic techniques at affordable prices.


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  • Pria Pundir
    Pria Pundir
    4 months ago

    Dr. Mason, is THE BEST! I got my braces in 2020 and also got pregnant during the process. He made sure my treatment was as smooth and comfortable as possible. I got my braces off just few days before the birth of my baby and I couldn’t be any more happier with the results. I would recommend anyone looking for an orthodontic treatment to consider Dr. Mason, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you once again!

  • David D'Agostino
    David D'Agostino
    5 months ago

    Dr. Mason is a skilled and considerate professional with an exemplary ability to assess and conduct corrective action on a wide variety of patients. I'm confident to be receiving the best care available while working with him, and have seen amazing improvement in my teeth in short time thanks to his expertise. His staff are all highly trained and wildly efficient in conducting major and supporting tasks. I always feel comfortable when returning to this office for a follow-up visit.

  • Angela Steed
    Angela Steed
    7 months ago

    Dr.Mason is an excellent orthodontist. He is always up beat and takes his practice serious. If you have any concerns he is willing to listen and give his professional input. You won’t be disappointed! Not to mention he has a great staff which creates an overall awesome experience.

  • Koray Gunal
    Koray Gunal
    3 months ago

    Dr. Mason has been my orthodontist for over 2 years. I’ve only been to the Polaris location and the office there is very well kept and clean. The whole staff is nice, welcoming and helpful. Dr. Mason quickly responds to emails and voicemails even on weekends. His advice was extremely helpful in an emergency situation while I was on vacation and was obviously not able to see him.

  • Mike Rieser
    Mike Rieser
    a month ago

    I chose Dr. Mason for my Invisalign treatment to close some large gaps on my upper and lower teeth from 2020-2022. One of the best decisions I ever made! Every part of my experience, from the warm and welcoming front desk staff to Dr. Mason's orthodontic acuity, personality, and punctuality was extraordinary! He always did a fantastic job explaining my treatment to me in terms I could understand, and was incredibly patient answering my questions and ensuring I understood. He and his staff were always cordial and warm, and every time I visited I got the impression that I was more than just another patient, that they cared for me as a person. After 2 years of treatment my gaps were closed and I was no longer hesitant to show my smile to the world! Thank you so much Dr. Mason and team!

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