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Dr. Adam Jury, Dr. Brandon Hall, Dr. Brett R. Levin, Dr. Jennifer Derse, Dr. Christy Norton, Dr. Conor Maguire, Dr. Lindsey Dortch, Dr. Mackenzie “Mac” Kelley, Dr. Sirisha “Raju” Dommaraju, and Dr. Terry Dingbaum treat patients at Espire Dental, with multiple locations throughout Denver. They offer general and specialty dental services, such as veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and gum therapy. The 4.9-star-rated practice is known for fast, comfortable, and stress-free dental care.


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  • Mark Fine
    Mark Fine
    in the last week

    Espire always comes through. I had procrastinated in making an appointment when I was in Denver for a 3-day visit. Not only did they get me in for 3 hours of stuff, but it was Dr. Mesuria who did the work because there was no one else available! She was great. Sage, who assisted, was wonderful putting up with my old man weak sense of humor for longer than anyone should ever have to. I don't know the person's name who made the appointment, and she might be the real hero. Dr. Brett has built an incredible operation and he know his Nuggets too! Having been a patient for a long time, I could not recommend Espire Dental Glendale-Cherry Creek any more highly.

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White
    a month ago

    I really enjoyed my Espire Dental experience, I don’t think I have ever reviewed a dentist before so taking the effort for this should shows it’s worth. From the hygienist to the dentist Dr. Conor and his assistant Liz were super friendly and great to talk with about my teeth. The cleaning was gentle and yay for me no cavities!

  • Patti Davis
    Patti Davis
    a month ago

    The staff is so pleasant! I’ve never felt so welcome! I had to search for Dr Mesuria and finally found her here. She is the only dentist I want to work on my teeth. I highly recommend the Glendale office.

  • Alex Flake
    Alex Flake
    a month ago

    I could not recommend Espire Dental more - they have made my move to Denver so much smoother, not having to worry about excellent dental care. Liz, Christina, and Dr. Maguire have made my experience wonderful. 10/10!

  • Courtney VandeMerwe
    Courtney VandeMerwe
    2 months ago

    After chipping my front tooth I called a few offices for same day availability. Espire was able to get me in, repair my chip, and have me out the door in less than 1.5 hrs. They were very efficient and I was not waiting forever to see the doctor. The cost was on par with what you would expect, and the fix looks better than what I originally had going. Thank you espire, I’m confidently smiling again!

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