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Dr. Adam Jury, Dr. Brandon Hall, Dr. Brett R. Levin, Dr. Jennifer Derse, Dr. Christy Norton, Dr. Conor Maguire, Dr. Lindsey Dortch, Dr. Mackenzie “Mac” Kelley, Dr. Sirisha “Raju” Dommaraju, and Dr. Terry Dingbaum treat patients at Espire Dental, with multiple locations throughout Denver. They offer general and specialty dental services, such as veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and gum therapy. The 4.9-star-rated practice is known for fast, comfortable, and stress-free dental care.


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  • Christina H
    Christina H
    a year ago

    Don't get veneers your teeth can DIE like one of mine did a couple months after Jennifer Derse prepped my teeth for veneers. She was very clear with me that she wouldn't remove much of my teeth in preparation (but she removed so much tooth one of them died and more could). Your teeth are as much part of your body as your legs. You wouldn't saw off half of your leg because you were having trouble with it. Your teeth are just as important. She sent me to get a root canal on the tooth that died and the endodontist stated that he sees Jennifer's work all the time and loves how beautiful it is. If he sees her veneer work all the time.... I'm not the only one who had a perfectly healthy tooth, with no cavity, die after harsh veneer prep by her. He stated that after the root canal I would need a new veneer placed on the dead tooth since he would break the veneer drilling through it. Seems pretty convenient for the both the endodontist and Jennifer financially. She kills your tooth over prepping it and sends you to get a root canal then you have to get another veneer by her. Also when they were taking off my temporary teeth to place the final teeth... they broke a corner off my front tooth. ( I'll include a picture I took in the bathroom) Also while I had the temporary teeth on my bite was so heavy on a back molar my molar broke in half and I had to also pay almost 4k for a crown on that tooth. There was no compensation for anything. I've now hired an attorney.

  • Linda Soto
    Linda Soto
    2 months ago

    I have been coming to Espire Dental for one year now and it could not be better! The staff here are SO friendly and know you by name. Dr. Brett went the extra mile not only with my routine oral health but with the aesthetics of my smile with two veneers. They even provided makeup, wardrobe and a photoshoot (below) for my new smile. The clinic is modern and the experience feels luxurious. HIGHLY recommended!

  • Jody Carlile
    Jody Carlile
    5 months ago

    I had been through a year of really terrible dentist experiences until I found Espire. My first appointment went so well I ended up hugging two of the staff and nearly crying. I had them complete a Maryland Dental Bridge for a missing tooth. I had the same procedure done 2 other times in my life and theirs looked the absolute best. Through and through my experience was professional, thorough, and honestly fun! I could not recommend anything more, and I rarely give reviews.

  • Stephanie Padilla
    Stephanie Padilla
    4 months ago

    I suffer from extreme anxiety around anything dental. Even when I simply go in for a cleaning, a little voice in my head says, "Run!!". But the team at Espire Dental has supported me in so many ways to ease my anxiety. Every staff member has been friendly, warm and kind. My hygienist, Jessica, lets me say what I am comfortable with and she respects my feelings. She lets me take my time to get comfortable or skip things that aren't absolutely necessary for my long term dental health or even offers to finish at a later date. She never compromises my dental health but she also supports my emotional health in many, many ways! All the dentists I have seen at Espire have also been very compassionate about my anxiety. I hate to single anyone out, but, at my last visit I was discussing with Dr. Conor Maguire my upcoming appointment for two crowns. He deeply listened to my anxiety and asked about my history. We discussed several options to support me emotionally and he worked impressively hard to address every single concern that I voiced. It healed something deep inside to be so deeply heard and seen and cared for. He was unspeakably kind to me. I have known for years that my dental health was in great hands at Espire, but to have a dental professional take so much time, have so much patience and understanding to care for my emotional health was more than I could have ever thought possible. Thank you, Jessica (the best hygienist ever!). Thank you Dr. Conor. Thank you to everyone at Espire Dental!

  • Tommy Sarantinos
    Tommy Sarantinos
    4 months ago

    Dr. Levin is the best! His staff is on point, always. I recently had a front tooth break- they got me immediately. I felt like their interest in fixing my tooth was just as important to them as it was to me.

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