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Voted among Denver’s top dentists for 11 years in a row by 5280 Magazine, Metropolitan Dental Care provides general, cosmetic, and periodontal treatment, including bruxism (teeth grinding) treatment, gum grafts and surgery, bad breath treatment, porcelain veneers, and dental care tailored to people undergoing cancer treatment. The dental team consists of Dr. Steve Law, Dr. Dawn White, Dr. Maureen Roach, Dr. Roy Kaluzshner, Dr. Anil J. Idiculla, Dr. Danielle E. Deland, and Dr. Andrew Johns. Metropolitan Dental Care has a 4.9 rating on Google.


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477 reviews
  • jonee Berdiee
    jonee Berdiee
    7 months ago

    Metropolitan dental care is great! There has not been a visit that i was not satisfied with the results. Everyone is so nice and professional; it really takes the stress out of going to the dentist. With all the work i need done, I truly feel like my teeth are in good hands here. Their location is also easy to find, with parking close by. A huge plus for being in denver. Beautiful building too.. I would definitely recommend these awesome people!

  • Justin Darcy
    Justin Darcy
    a month ago

    I have probably had a dozen dentists across several states over the years and Metropolitan Dental is hands down the best. I see Willie as my dental hygienist, Dr. Dawn as my dentist, and Dr. Rob has worked with my two daughters. Each of them is kind, professional, and is detail oriented. In addition, unlike some other practices, when they make a suggestion for work to be done, they take the time to explain the reason and often will flag issues that may need attention in the future but don't push that the work be done immediately. The facilities are clean, comfortable, and the equipment seems to be the most current technology. As long as Metropolitan is open, I will never see another practice again!

  • Megan Cooke
    Megan Cooke
    2 months ago

    Metropolitan is one of the best practices in town - warm, friendly, and knowledgeable, and they always keep me laughing. Willie is the best hygienist and Dr Dawn is the best dentist! I would never go to another dental group. I did once when my insurance changed, and after some significant missteps by another dental group, I came running back. I’m happy to pay extra to be in very capable hands. With much appreciation, Megan Cooke

  • Yonason Cohen
    Yonason Cohen
    4 months ago

    Dr Roy & team are simply the best! A friend of mine gave me his name when I moved to Denver 4 years ago. I and my family have been going to him ever since. He is kind, friendly and an expert in the work he has done on my teeth. I trust him and his staff is great. My family are also huge fans. I’m giving him 5 stars because Google doesn’t have 6!

  • Holly McCabe
    Holly McCabe
    a week ago

    Everyone was truly SO kind and lovely! I have never enjoyed the dentist and they made it nearly enjoyable with how kind and helpful everyone was. A plus for me is you can also communicate about appointments through text. Cannot recommend enough!

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