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At My Cherry Creek Dentist in Denver, Dr. Teresa Lowery has been serving families since 1995 and has a 5-star rating on Google. Dr. Lowery offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including custom mouthguards, gum infection control, tooth-colored fillings, composite and porcelain veneers, and teeth contouring and crown lengthening. The comfortable office is designed to help relieve dental anxiety with features like TVs in private rooms, warm towels, hand paraffin treatments, and sedation dentistry.


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  • Elsie Dixon
    Elsie Dixon
    in the last week

    Thank you Dr. Lowery and staff. My experience at Cherry Creek Dentist was great. Everyone was kind and really concerned and helpful about my problem. I am new to this office and very please with the service. The place itself is guite beautiful and clean. Thank you so much for the lovely mug and all the goodies inside. You are the best of the best!!

  • Brandon Berger
    Brandon Berger
    a month ago

    The team at My Cherry Creek Dentist is amazing. Amy got my X-rays and pics done quickly. Janet got my teeth cleaned up nicely, and Dr. Lowery walked me through all the exams and was extremely informative on how to get my teeth where I want them! I will definitely be going back.

  • Chelsea Miller
    Chelsea Miller
    2 months ago

    By far the best dentist in Colorado! Dr Lowry has taken the time to help my mom who was visiting from out of town with her emergency root canal and my mother in law also from out of town with an infected tooth. She has gone out of her way to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. She always greets us by name and remembers to ask about our family. She is such a great person and dentist, always having a plan for the next time we see each other. I would recommender her and her amazing team of hygienists, including Amy, to anyone looking for a great dental experience.

  • Bryan Sillery
    Bryan Sillery
    2 months ago

    It's been a little longer than I care to admit since my last dental cleaning, and I was so incredibly thrilled that these incredible professionals took it with a grain of salt. They made me feel so comfortable and didn't make me feel bad for not having a cleaning sooner. They were just happy to do their job and get my smile back on track! Talk about professionalism! Now, because it had been so long, things were... not where they should be. After going over what the current state of my teeth is, answering ALL my silly questions, and making sure I knew exactly what was up, they came up with a game plan for me. This game plan included images of my teeth, the problem areas, and a detailed list of exactly what we needed to do, when we needed to do it, the priority of the things to do, and how much it will cost (approx. because insurance is always a pain to deal with). I know what to expect at my next few appointments, so much so, that I (dare say) look forward to them. Listen, I've had some really inexcusably bad experiences with dentists in the past which has led me to my current state. I was NOT happy to be going, but I'm so glad that I did. Dr. Lowery and every single one of her staff are undeniably the most professional, most caring, and most dedicated team I ever could have imagined. They're using technology that I didn't even believe existed, and took care of me like I was family. Indeed, the most lovely experience I didn't think would happen. Dental exams are the worst, and no one likes them. But with this team, you won't feel so scared or nervous. They'll take fabulous care of you.

  • Ositobobito
    2 months ago

    Doctor Lowery and her staff were very professional and attentive. My coworker had recommended them highly and I was pleased with my visit. Jade took care of me and she was fantastic. Thank you!

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