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At My Cherry Creek Dentist in Denver, Dr. Teresa Lowery has been serving families since 1995 and has a 5-star rating on Google. Dr. Lowery offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including custom mouthguards, gum infection control, tooth-colored fillings, composite and porcelain veneers, and teeth contouring and crown lengthening. The comfortable office is designed to help relieve dental anxiety with features like TVs in private rooms, warm towels, hand paraffin treatments, and sedation dentistry.


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  • David Adams
    David Adams
    3 months ago

    Recently moved to the Denver area and seeking a new "forever dentist". I found My Cherry Creek Dentist with Dr. Teresa Lowery and cannot express how wonderful of an experience it was. The office is clean, calm, well organized, and prompt. I did the pre-visit survey that really helped speed up the process as well. I was paired with Jade, who was exceptional in both care and speed as well as very professional and knowledgeable with the information she shared with me. I will certainly be recommending them to friends and family and continue to visit My Cherry Creek Dentist for the foreseeable future.

  • John Brockway (Dr. John Brockway)

    I haven't been to the dentist in longer than I'd like to admit, and had bad experiences prior. Finally mustered up the gusto to go. After getting scheduled, my wife said, hey, look at Dr. Lowry's bio. It seems our lives parallel each other in that regards (bad experiences with prior dentists). This however was a great experience! Eva was my hygienist and was very thorough, and very personable. She took x-rays which only took a few minutes. And she taught me how to properly floss, as well as additional tips for making future visits easy. You made the time fly by, thank you! Amy was my next provider. She talked to me about self-pay options (for patients without dental insurance), as well as recommended the night-time alignment option. Dr. Lowry also came in, reviewed Eva's findings, and did her own assessment as well. She talked to me about the importance of aligning my teeth before we do anything cosmetic. This was in order to prevent the cosmetic work from adversely being affected by alignment issues. Absolutely makes sense. I'm looking to schedule my next appointment for the fillings they recommended. Highly recommend. Thanks!

  • Kathleen Reilly
    Kathleen Reilly
    a month ago

    My hygiene appointment went very well. I learned some interesting facts about the aging mouth and teeth. I found the cat videos very entertaining. Wrap up went well. The only downside to my experience was the parking nightmare at the building. The elevated visitor lot was blocked off and there no surface lot spaces. I hope this will not be the case when I return in December. It adds unneeded stress.

  • Minyang Wang
    Minyang Wang
    a month ago

    I have two teeth implanted in the " My Cherry Creek Dentist", all four steps are prefect finished by Dr. Teresa Lowery and her assistant. I can test the food again, eat happily. Thanks to the Dr. Lowery and her assistant well as the whole clinic staffs!

  • Nancy Christensen
    Nancy Christensen
    4 months ago

    Highly referred by two good friends, I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit. Amy put me completely at ease, Dr Lowery is simply wonderful, and Jade did a great job cleaning my teeth. Painless and pleasant, I'm so happy to have found My Cherry Creek Dentist.

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