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Fairfax Dentistry consists of Dr. Samuel S. Ham, Dr. Matthew Kim, Dr. Sora Lee, and Dr. Mikhail, who offer family and cosmetic dentistry. Their services include dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, and root canal therapy. This Fairfax practice believes in listening to patients and striving for continuous improvement. Fairfax Dentistry has a 4.9-star average rating on Google and engages in community service at home and abroad.


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  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar
    4 weeks ago

    I had my second six monthly visit for dental cleaning at Fairfax Dentistry. I had an extremely positive experience. It’s an established practice at a new location, with a modern setup. The hygienist Cindy and Dr Kim both were very thorough in their assessment and treatment and guidance for next steps. I am very impressed. Thanks to them.

  • Elizabeth Kurt
    Elizabeth Kurt
    3 weeks ago

    I can not speak highly enough of Dr Matthew Kim and his amazing staff! I had avoided the dentist because of a horrible experience as a child for YEARS! I went to Dr. Kim, got his recommendation, chickened out and didn’t go back for another year, same recommendations. It wasn’t until I had a semi dental emergency that I went back to him again. He was out of network, but in my mind was the ONLY person kind of enough to take care of me from our prior interactions. He very much heard my anxiety and walked me through EVERY step of the way. Of course in the end, on the day of my procedure, he did an amazing job numbing me up (didn’t feel 1 poke from that needle) and extracted my tooth with me just feeling some mild pressure. It was by far the least painful dental experience ever. Dr. Kim is 100% the best and even out of network, I’ll pay for him and drive to see him. His staff is so kind and gentle as well. If you have any anxiety, honestly, you’re in amazingly kind hands on this practice. Highly recommend!

  • Kelly Lee
    Kelly Lee
    3 weeks ago

    Previously I gave five star because Dr. Kim is awesome, he's so professional and sweet. Very good with patients, explains every details. BUT From my recent visit, I lowered it to 3 star. I met Dr. Mikehail for the first time and I was truly disappointed and actually sad. First of all, he let me wait 45 minutes. I waited like first 15 minutes and he came asking if I'm busy today. I said NO to be nice and also didn't think he would let me wait 30 minutes without any explanation. Then he vanished and came back 30 minutes later. I was literally about to leave and schedule another one but he came finally. But not enough apologies. No explanation was given. He was lowering my fillings for the cavity. I said I wanted to trim down very little bit because my bites are just very little high. Also I said since raising fillings are so much harder than trimming it down, that if he has enough time that I'd really appreciate if he lowers little by little. BUT he freaking rushed my appointment and started trimming without any pauses. I had to pause him first and saying that this has been enough trimming that it feels just fine now. But he said it's not enough that he has to trim more. I said the bites feel so much better and that I'm little worried about trimming it more. He then said if I want professional doctor's opinion or just patient's thoughts. So I let him continue because I was little scared. After few moments of more trimming, I stopped him again saying that I don't think it needs more. Then he said ok. Then left. He didn't do polishing on my cavity (it's usually done after trimming down). I get that he's a dentist but I didn't feel listened or cared at all.

  • Kathleen Taylor
    Kathleen Taylor
    2 weeks ago

    Dr.Ham is as likeable and professional now as he was when I first became his patient 29 years ago. The growth of his practice has not changed his attitude of service and excellent work. The dentists and all professionals in the practice follow his example of excellence.

  • Rodney
    3 months ago

    Absolutely such a great experience— from speaking to Andrea from the front desk right when they just opened, she was fantastic and got me a spot right away. As a new patient, the check in process was quick and easy. Dr. Mikhail and his assistant, Caroline, were absolutely amazing as well. Also, between Dr. Mikhail and Kimberly, they got me squared away with a treatment plan that’s both financially and clinically brilliant. You can really feel that you’re in great hands with this group!

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