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At Fort Worth Dental, Dr. Arthur J. Mund, Dr. Terry M. Zang, Dr. Olena Razo, and Dr. James Haley perform all types of general dentistry, with an emphasis on cosmetic and implant dentistry. Some of their specialties include laser dentistry, bone grafting, bite adjustment, ridge augmentation and preservation, and osseous surgery. This practice gets a rating of 4.9 on Google for its comfortable atmosphere, advanced technology, and affordable prices.


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  • Drew Marquardt
    Drew Marquardt
    a month ago

    I haven’t been to the dentist in about 4 years, but I never remember it being a particularly pleasant experience. That is until today. I went for a cleaning with 4 years worth of buildup and it was easily the most pleasant dental experience of my life. The staff was all very nice, the assistant answered all the questions I had, the doctor was quick and decisive, and the hygienist cleaned my teeth as quick and easy as I have ever had. Overall this was a great experience.

  • James Pitstick
    James Pitstick
    3 months ago

    I have been going here for about 10 years and I can’t say enough good things about this place. Dr. Zang is my dentist and he’s always very thorough and doesn’t recommend anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve been to dentist in the past and they sometimes drum up work with redoing fillings. The front office and dental techs are very professional as well.

  • Haley Gilbert
    Haley Gilbert
    in the last week

    Dr. Munn & Dr. Rozo have been phenomenal. So gentle and caring with me as I go through the implant process. As someone with severe dental anxiety, they have taken care of me and have plenty of options for treating anxious patients. Highly recommend!

  • Blaze Amazing
    Blaze Amazing
    2 months ago

    I started coming here last year when I moved to Fort Worth. I needed to find a dentist closer to my new home. I deal with major anxiety and it takes a special place to keep my business. I have nothing but the best things to say from all my wonderful experiences here. They take the best care of me when I visit as well as offering such sweet, kind and sincere attitudes when working with their patients. Thank you for all you do Fort Worth Dental!

  • Cyndee Garza-REAL ESTATE AGENT

    Love my doctor Dr Razo is AMAZING! My hygienist is the bomb Lisa Norris- and my Invisalign girl Nidia is crazy fun!! Girls at the front are so sweet and that says a lot when everyone is great and treats people great!!

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