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Dr. Stan Preece and Dr. Austin Church specialize in caring for the teeth of the youngest Fort Worth residents, including children with special needs. Preece and Church Pediatric Dentistry offers preventive and restorative dentistry for children, including dental sealants, night guards and sports mouth guards, frenectomies, fillings, and oral surgery. They also provide sedation dentistry and emergency dentistry. Preece and Church Pediatric Dentistry has a 5-star Google rating.


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  • Christie Nunnelee
    Christie Nunnelee
    4 months ago

    My daughter loves coming to the dentist! No, seriously she asks all year if she can go see Dr. Ash. Everyone in the office is kind, welcoming, patient, and professional. She's been coming here since she was a baby and even had a lip tie procedure as an infant that healed very well. This last visit my daughter wanted a picture with Dr. Ash and she was happy to oblige. I'm so thankful that my daughter has had such positive experiences and I definitely recommend this office to everyone!

  • Calle Karlsson
    Calle Karlsson
    5 months ago

    We have been patients with this practice since 2018. When we first started we saw Dr. Preece, who was amazing with our then toddler. Since then we have since a different dr almost every time, which hadn’t bothered us until now, they have all been great. A few weeks ago I called to make an appointment for my daughters, not realizing I had missed an appt previously. The front desk lady was extremely rude, already seemingly irritated by my call, when she checked my chart she told me “I see you have a No show No call on here. You will need to pay $50 upon arrival of your appointment.” Not knowing that was their policy, I explained that I didn’t know, she explained that she didn’t care and continued to be extremely argumentative with me. Not liking the way she treated me, I called back and cancelled that appointment where she argued with me further about how there was “no way you didn’t know.” Jump to today, a month later, where I get a text saying I owe $50. I replied, letting them know I won’t be coming back to their practice and to please take my children off their list. She replied “happy to do so.” And asked if I wanted to pay the $50 over the phone, insisting that my husband must have known about the fee as it was his signature on the paperwork. We have been with this practice for over five years. To us it’s not about the $50, a small fee to pay for a practice that we love if we made a mistake, but for a practice like this where they hire people who will treat you like garbage, harass you for money and could care less when a loyal customer leaves (with TWO patients), AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I’ve never met a customer service representative more unfriendly and argumentative. Not sure if they’re desperate for money, but that’s how they treat their patients and in the end that’s all that matters.

  • Kerri M
    Kerri M
    a month ago

    We've been going to various Dr.'s in this group for years (Dr. Ash was the favorite!). However we left because of the support staff J. The condescending sing-song manner in which one of the women spoke to us during a billing issue was a huge no. Anyone who speaks to another adult in that kind of baby talk comes off as very unprofessional. We eventually found another practice.

  • Danesha Potter
    Danesha Potter
    2 years ago

    My kids has been with Dr. Church for several years now and he’s such an amazing person, very patient with the kids and always talks them through the process. I always refer this office! I love the staff and other doctors as well

  • jenna wong
    jenna wong
    9 months ago

    Given the reviews on this page, we had high hopes going into our first apptmt today but we left feeling very disappointed. My 2.5 yr old cried when he first saw the dentist, as expected of most 2.5 yr olds. Dr Ryou suggested for him to sit on my lap and have my toddler lie down on his lap to do the examination. When my toddler continued crying he basically pried his mouth open to brush and check. Had the visit gone on a min longer I would have stopped him. It just felt like he wanted the session to be over and done with in the quickest way possible. There was no stopping to see if my toddler would calm down before continuing. Definitely not the first experience any parent would want.

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