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Dr. Stan Preece and Dr. Austin Church specialize in caring for the teeth of the youngest Fort Worth residents, including children with special needs. Preece and Church Pediatric Dentistry offers preventive and restorative dentistry for children, including dental sealants, night guards and sports mouth guards, frenectomies, fillings, and oral surgery. They also provide sedation dentistry and emergency dentistry. Preece and Church Pediatric Dentistry has a 5-star Google rating.


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  • Maegan Ebbing
    Maegan Ebbing
    7 months ago

    We love this office! Okay hey are so great to all 5 of my kids! My oldest son who is now 10 had to have dental surgery at 8 years old and they were so gentle with him and made sure he understood what was going on. They all love their little goody bag or prize at each visit too! I especially love that when the dentist or hygienist comes in they know exactly who they are seeing and can remember what has been going on or what needed to be dealt with this visit. They also corrected my oldest daughters tongue tie. So many good things and great people!

  • Karen allen
    Karen allen
    6 months ago

    Dr. Preece, and the two dental assistants that saw my daughter and I were amazing. We are new to the area and wanted to check on a composite filling that was placed at a previous clinic. Dr. Preece was so kind and informative to my daughter and I. They communicated with her very well during her check up, before the procedure and during. A bit of the cavity was left behind before and Dr. Preece brushed away what the other clinic had missed. He then placed the new composite filling and invited me over to take a look to ensure the the spot was no longer there. The dental assistants Stephanie and Samantha were also really great and informative. Our stay is temporary in the area but with this service I’m more than likely going to drive an hour just so that my daughter can have great dental care like this again and again. Thank you so much Dr.Preece!

  • Alexandria Southall
    Alexandria Southall
    2 months ago

    This pediatric dental office is incredible. Everyone is welcoming, friendly, and attentive to the children. I was able to stay with my child the entire time. He needed an urgent procedure due to an issue that was discovered that day. Before they began the procedure, I was thoroughly educated on the procedure, recovery, out of pocket cost, and follow up appointment needs. The staff is friendly, professional, caring, and gentle with their patients and families. I’m so glad we found them!

  • Christine Schowe
    Christine Schowe
    a month ago

    We had a wonderful experience with my 3 week old having a tongue tie and lip tie released. I felt very at ease with Dr. Preece and staff. Dr. Preece even called to check on us the night of my son’s procedure. We are 3 days into recovery and my son is doing great and his nursing latch is greatly improved. Couldn’t recommend them more! 4 week update. My son healed beautifully and we had no issues at all. We used the coconut oil, did the stretches recommended, and followed up with our Lactation Consultant. Will definitely recommend Dr. Preece to anyone looking for a pediatric dentist!

  • Dawn Le Family
    Dawn Le Family
    a week ago

    Dr Preece and staff are great! They truly know how to work with kids. My 2.5 year old was already crying even before she laid her head down on the headrest. Dr Preece starts singing to ease my daughter in and it calmed her down some but she was still crying but focused on his words. He did what he could as much as he could. I asked about some build up and took care of it. I went through 2 other dentists before finding this establishment and am so happy! Front desk staff are really nice and attentive as well.

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