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At Seminary Dental Clinic in Fort Worth, the dental team consists of Dr. Mita Desai, Dr. Fallah, and Dr. Blanca Lemus. The practice provides general and cosmetic dental care, including implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and tooth-colored fillings. Dr. Desai has won awards for excellence in dental anatomy, outstanding dentistry, and patient-oriented care. Seminary Dental Clinic has a 5-star rating on Google and has multilingual staff who speak English, Hindi, and Spanish.


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  • Gunaselan Varathan
    Gunaselan Varathan
    5 months ago

    Dr Desai is the best dentist that I have ever seen. She is the only dentist that does the teeth cleaning, more that 95% of doctors will have there assistance do the cleaning and the doctor just stop by to do final check up . She is amazing, she got my daughter tooth clean and brighter. Forth worth is far from my home, but worth the drive to her office. Dr Desai also did not recommended any unwanted services like sealing tooth, buy electric tooth brush, etc... Dr Desai truly care for her patients health and not for their pockets. BTW: Her staff are also friendly, nice and treat everyone with respect.

  • Sylvie
    3 months ago

    Caring, honest, top notch and professional service. Thankful for the great smile I have thanks to them. I feel like family when I go there. By far the best dentist I ever had 🤩

  • Erin Primm
    Erin Primm
    7 months ago

    Highly recommend!!! The staff are incredibly friendly and kind. They worked with me as a first time patient to get me scheduled as quickly as possible. Dr. Desai made me feel very welcome also and took the time to answer all of my questions and discuss my concerns. I greatly appreciate the care everyone took during my visit.

  • Lynn Allen
    Lynn Allen
    10 months ago

    The clinic has a very friendly vibe… The clinical team is very cohesive and highly efficient. They pay attention to what you say and answer questions fully. The Dentist is quite capable and relaxed when working and always shows concern for the welfare of her patient… It’s a very pleasantly run little dental practice and I can highly recommend if looking for a good and thoughtful General practice… They have always treated me with respect and patience… LR Allen

  • Stitchy Witch
    Stitchy Witch
    9 months ago

    I had my first visit with Dr. Desai's office today and it was great. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I knew I would like this office from my first phone call. Karen was extremely helpful getting my insurance verified and worked with my previous dentist to get my records transferred, Margaret was very friendly and informative while cleaning my teeth. She taught me things that I didn't previously know and Dr. Desai was very thorough and kind. They were running about 15 minutes behind and Karen called to let me know so I didn't have to wait around in the office which was great since I hadn't left my house yet. I've never had a doctor's office do this and it was very much appreciated. All in all very pleased with my first visit and would highly recommend! You won't be disappointed 👍

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