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We have been providing the Jacksonville community with friendly and effective periodontal care since 1989.

Dr. Gary Perlman is a highly skilled and experienced periodontist (expert in gum treatment and dental implants) who utilizes both non-surgical and surgical procedures to treat your gums. For those who are missing teeth, Dr. Perlman provides full dental implant services to restore function to your teeth and beauty to your smile.

Dr. Perlman’s patients often comment about his gentle approach and reassuring bedside manner. He will always take the time to listen to your concerns, thoroughly explain treatment options and procedures, and answer all of your questions in an easy to understand fashion.

State-of-the-art, comfortable treatment
Our staff of highly trained and experience professionals is committed to providing you with the personal care and attention needed to ensure your treatment is comfortable and stress-free. We incorporate the latest technological advances in periodontics to prevent, diagnose and treat gum disease, place dental implants and perform bone and soft tissue grafting procedures.

Dr. Perlman uses a highly advanced laser system to treat gum disease and his hygienists employ ultrasonic scalers and prophy jets for thorough yet gentle cleanings. A state-of-the-art imaging system provides Dr. Perlman with 3D images of your entire jaw bone to precisely plan your dental implant or bone graft procedures.


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229 reviews
  • Cliff McGehee
    Cliff McGehee
    in the last week

    Lets see...Rodeo number 3 or 4? It's hard to remember the multiple past 2+ hour long dental surgeries for implants when you walk out of the building with no pain, swelling or bruising. This particular rodeo was identical to all the others. I've never needed, nor have I taken any type of pain medicine. The only thing I have to remember is to be careful about eating, brushing, etcetera until everything has healed. My only problem about this is forgetting to do just that because there has never been pain, swelling, or bruising to remind me to be careful.

  • Donna Vible
    Donna Vible
    in the last week

    Dr. Molina is amazing!! He is outstanding as a professional and so empathetic it is clear that he cares for his patients! I would recommend him to anyone in need of periodontal care!!

  • Susan Roark
    Susan Roark
    6 months ago

    Wish I could rate Dr. Molina and his entire office more than 5 Stars! He truly cares about patients and it shows through his meticulous work in his procedures. I have had implants from other doctors in the past. This current implant procedure with Dr. Molina was above and beyond my past experiences. He takes his work seriously and closely follows up to ensure all is going well for a successful outcome. I especially want to thank Maria who assists Dr. Molina in his operations. Not only is she very competent but also provides a soothing, comfortable presence to make even the most nervous patient feel at ease. Just an incredible group of medical professionals in this office!

  • Nancy P
    Nancy P
    5 months ago

    Thank goodness I was referred to Dr Molina for a gum graft! He was gentle, kind and best of all I had absolutely no pain during or after the procedure. The office is immaculate and the staff is professional and easy to work with. Dr Molina's assistant Maria was wonderful and eased all my worries and fears! I cannot recommend this office more highly.

  • Cliff McGehee
    Cliff McGehee
    5 months ago

    September 20,2023 9:00am - Dr Raul Molina implanted 2 titanium implants side by side plus a sinus lift procedure in my upper left jaw over a 2 1/2 hour period using local anesthesia. I left the office with a little soreness and still some numbness after the procedure. A couple of hours later the numbness had disappeared and the soreness was still the same from when I first left the office. I had a very restful night without any issues. September 21 2:00pm - Upon getting up this morning there was NO discomfort or PAIN at all. It was like nothing had happened the day before. As I am writing this review I have not taken any type of painkillers and I seriously doubt I will in the future. Dr. Molina AND his Staff are fantastic. This is not my first rodeo with him but it’s my first review. My previous procedure was perfect in every way also. His practice is absolute “State of the Art” equipment and staff. Hummm…you know maybe some of that state of the art stuff eliminates some of the pain🤷

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