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Dr. Kathryn Ryan is a trained prosthodontist and a true specialist in reconstructive dentistry, dental implants, esthetic care, and other state-of-the-art services. Her rigorous education, including completing a Master of Science and a three-year prosthodontics and implants residency program, has given her a true talent and passion for treating even the most complex dental cases that general dentists shy away from. Whether you’ve experienced significant tooth loss or are struggling from chronic jaw and facial pain, she looks forward to providing you with a care experience that truly exceeds expectations.


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  • Lauren Colvin
    Lauren Colvin
    3 months ago

    I am traveling from out of town and I came across Parkway Prosthetics during my google search! I have been in Dental for 20 years and their website grabbed my attention! Right off the bat, while booking the appointment, the scheduling coordinator was very kind and professional. She portrayed a friendly smile over the phone! Very important! They were very accommodating and professional. The transition of patient hand off was excellent, I knew everything before it took place. All financials were discussed prior to treatment. Dr. Ryan was phenomenal. She was thorough in the explanation of treatment options. She was kind and compassionate. She was conservative in her treatment. This practice has by far exceeded my expectations. This staff communicate well with one another. They leave no room for miscommunication. They make it easy to fill out patient forms, website is great to navigate. The check-in, check-out process is flawless, they are thorough with preoperative and postoperative imaging, everything is well documented. The staff and doctors have great chair side manner and are very knowledgeable. You guys get an A+ from me! 20 years of Dentistry, managing a Dental Practice currently, teaching dentistry and leading a small school! Way to go! Parkway Prosthodontics!

  • Oliver Brown
    Oliver Brown
    2 months ago

    When you first walk through the door you are greeted with a smile. And it never stops. An atmosphere of pleasant professionalism pervades the office. There are roughly a dozen staff members and from the front desk all the way to the most senior technician it is obvious that they know their stuff. And it is clear that they care. A job is a job but, these folks seem to enjoy working together. There is a sense of camaraderie that one rarely sees. Dr. Ryan is friendly, empathetic, and highly skilled. I have no doubt that she is at the very top of her profession. I trust them, I like them, and they make me feel comfortable. And that is why I wanted to write this unsolicited review.

  • Joseph Jackson
    Joseph Jackson
    3 weeks ago

    First of all, I would like to think all of the staff and the doctors for the best experience I have received ever. Live an hour away that does not bother us. It is worth it.. I highly recommend this facility They will accommodate your schedule and treat you like family. All that you have done. I LOVE TO SEE PEOPLE SMILING 😃

  • Doris Thomas
    Doris Thomas
    2 months ago

    I have so much good to say about Dr Ryan and her staff I don’t even know where to start. I came to this office heart broken because I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me and the last dentist I went to seemed cold and unconcerned with how I was doing emotionally! Fortunately the hygienist working there cared and she told me about Dr Ryan. I left and immediately called to make an appointment. From that first call I was treated with respect and kindness. Dr Ryan sat down with me and explained everything and all my options. All of the financial was worked out in advance and here I sit 6 years later with my new smile and loving it. That hygienist I saw at the other practice is now working for Dr Ryan and she is incredible if not for her compassion I would never have found Dr Ryan ! Thanks Becky you are honestly an angel to me! Even though it’s a long ride for me I cannot go somewhere else. I will just have to find a driver! Ps that is an old picture of me here is one with my new smile which I do a lot more now!!!!

  • Catherine Hubert
    Catherine Hubert
    2 months ago

    I have extremely sensitive teeth, cavities in every tooth, a root canal, crowns - finding a competent and caring dentist for any work is absolutely paramount as working on my teeth is a huge source of stress for me. Finding Dr. Ryan and her staff was the godsend I needed to complete a dental implant that started 2 years ago when I lived in Dallas. Parkway Prosthodontics is not close to where I live, but it is worth the drive. Her staff is AWESOME - Taylynn who always reassures me it will be ok and I got this - she’s practically held my hand at every step of the way she is so amazing; Jazymn who is so friendly and positive and just makes me so at ease she is so amazing too! Becky is one for the record books - she has given me all my shots - I don’t take 1 numbing shot I have to take 2-3 every time - I have never felt 1 shot she has given me she is such a pro. I have had to have many visits here and Dr. Ryan and her staff are truly the best dentist and staff around.

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