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At Beverly Grove Dentistry, Dr. Benjamin Pourmorady, Dr. Donna Lieu, and Dr. Sarah Farzan provide a comfortable environment to help ease any anxieties patients may have. This Los Angeles dental practice offers comprehensive family and cosmetic dentistry, including veneers, crowns, bridges, invisible braces, and TMJ treatment. Beverly Grove Dentistry has earned a 5-star average rating on Google. The dental team speaks English, Spanish, Farsi, and Vietnamese, enabling them to serve a diverse group of patients.


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287 reviews
  • Justin Khakshouy
    Justin Khakshouy
    3 months ago

    I recently had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Ben at Beverly Grove Dentistry for a teeth cleaning, x-ray, and filling replacement. Let me start by saying that I was thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and helpfulness displayed by Dr. Ben and his team. From the moment I walked into the office, I felt welcomed and at ease. The receptionist was friendly and efficient in getting me checked in, and the waiting area was clean and comfortable. It was clear to see that Dr. Ben's team is well-organized and runs like a well-oiled machine. Making an appointment with Dr. Ben was incredibly easy. His team was accommodating in finding a time that worked best for my schedule, and they were prompt in sending out reminders leading up to my appointment. In addition, parking was a breeze – something that can be hard to come by in this busy area. When it comes to pricing, I found Dr. Ben's rates to be fair and reasonable compared to other dentists in the area. He truly values his patients' satisfaction over financial gain, which is a rare quality to find these days. But what really stood out to me about Dr. Ben is his forward-thinking approach to dentistry. He is constantly seeking out new techniques and technologies to better serve his patients, making him an industry leader in this field. I have no doubt that he will continue to make waves as an up-and-coming professional. Overall, my experience at Beverly Grove Dentistry with Dr. Ben and his team was exceptional. They have definitely earned my trust and loyalty as a patient, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for top-notch dental care.

  • Matthias Mueller
    Matthias Mueller
    2 months ago

    Dr. Ben and his team were truly amazing. I had to quickly find a new dentist after moving to LA recently and the process of becoming a new patient and seeing Dr. Ben the same day was super smooth and easy. Dr. Ben is very transparent and talked me through every single step of my procedure which I really appreciated. I highly recommend this practice.

  • Jeanne De Vita
    Jeanne De Vita
    4 months ago

    I was very nervous to change dentists after ten years with the same dentist, but Dr. Ben's entire team is so thoughtful and easy to work with. I had a semi-emergency and my former dentist couldn't fit me in fast enough, so as a new patient with an issue, I was amazed that Dr. Ben was very fast, absolutely thoughtful about my pain/comfort level, and I quickly felt a strong sense of trust in Dr. Ben and the treatment plan. Juan the dental assistant and Audrey the hygienist are great--also concerned about comfort and attentive to the small things that make dental work uncomfortable. I'm very happy I found Dr. Ben and his staff.

  • Hadijat Kubrat
    Hadijat Kubrat
    2 months ago

    The Beverly Grove Dentistry staff has been consistently kind to me and ensure my safety when it comes to maintaining my natural beautiful teeth. As I was fickle about dentist after my last dentist I was scared and being with BGD for a year I feel confident I made the right choice with the staff from the front desk to the specialists. They really worked with me with my anxiety and created a safe space in caring for my pearls. I highly recommend their service.

  • Charles Hernandez
    Charles Hernandez
    5 months ago

    There, is a simple explanation for all the great reviews. Dr.Pourmorady is an excellent Dentist! I went to see him for some bonding that several other doctors could not seem to get right. I have had this procedure done many times over the years and every time I've had it done there was ALWAYS something about the aesthetic that wasn't "just right". I was told by almost every single dentist I saw that bonding to fix a small gap between my two front teeth to achieve a tight contact was notoriously difficult and suggested Veneers. When I saw Dr. Pourmorady I told him my experience and He said If I'd like he would do his best. I agreed and he didn't promise anything. I have to say he under sold and over delivered! He did a beautiful job meticulously checking to ensure that the contour, contact and polish were a spot on match to my other teeth. You would never know that I had a bonding done. I'm confident I have found my Dentist. I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a great dentist. Thanks again Doc!

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