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At Beverly Grove Dentistry, Dr. Benjamin Pourmorady, Dr. Donna Lieu, and Dr. Sarah Farzan provide a comfortable environment to help ease any anxieties patients may have. This Los Angeles dental practice offers comprehensive family and cosmetic dentistry, including veneers, crowns, bridges, invisible braces, and TMJ treatment. Beverly Grove Dentistry has earned a 5-star average rating on Google. The dental team speaks English, Spanish, Farsi, and Vietnamese, enabling them to serve a diverse group of patients.


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251 reviews
  • Jake Yardley
    Jake Yardley
    4 months ago

    I was greeted warmly as I walked in as a new patient. Had some nice small talk with Juan as I looked out with a view of the Hollywood sign and city. Since I was new we had an open dialogue about the state of my teeth and possible directions for my teeth from a health and cosmetic perspective. Nothing felt pressured or outside of my control and the cleaning went smoothly start to finish. I definitely recommend this practice and look forward to going back!

  • Alexis Burgin
    Alexis Burgin
    in the last week

    Awesome dentist office all around! They go out of their way to make sure you know exactly what they will be doing and take steps to make everything as comfortable as possible. Incredibly friendly staff and the great view of the hills from your seat is a nice plus!

  • Roddy Radnia
    Roddy Radnia
    5 months ago

    Dr. Ben and his team are phenomenal. I went in for a whitening and cleaning and couldn't be happier with the results. I would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you to the whole Beverly Grove team for making going to the dentist a pleasurable experience!

  • Donna Donnellan
    Donna Donnellan
    a month ago

    I was new to Los Angeles and was referred by a friend. Not only did the office get me in quickly but everyone was fantastic. They even gave me a great referral to an oral surgeon. Highly recommend!

  • Simon W
    Simon W
    3 months ago

    Not sure how they got so many 5 stars but if you are considering this dentistry, be aware of the unprofessional staff and overpriced services. 1. During the first visit the nurse/assistant left my station in the middle of the cleaning, and I have to work with the dentist to hold the saliva ejector all by myself through the rest. 2. They charge 3 times over the area market average for basic filling, and as soon as I realized the price didn't look right, the front desk started to try to confuse me by talking a lot about different filling materials and emphasize how much they care about patient so they don't do amalgam and thus you have to pay extra to have composite filling (which in fact is just a common dental standard since the amalgam has been out of market for decades). THEN, as I'm still questioning their pricing, they started to blame how insurance should be responsible for all this (saying my insurance is doing "downgrades" so I have to pay extra). Later as I called my insurance, the agent reviled me the price I should pay for a composite filling based on their contract with this dentistry, which is WAY LESS than the after-insurance price on the treatment plan. The funniest part is, at the end, as I mentioned I've never seen a basic filling cost this much before, the front desk started to question me where I'm from and said may be the place I'm from has an overall cheaper service (I've done fillings in LA and NYC, never seen basic treatment this expensive LOL). The end is, I'm able to do the same treatment 4 blocks away in another dentistry with 1/5 the cost. So please rethink before you choosing them since this is all about trust, these shady overpricing and front desk talks are definitely red flags!

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