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Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, Dr. Tara Mavadat, Dr. Don Mungcal, and Dr. Mary Senstad make up the dental team at Downtown Dental in L.A. They offer an extensive range of family and cosmetic dentistry, including Invisalign, sedation dentistry, same-day crowns, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening. This practice specializes in using the latest technology to make dental care more efficient without sacrificing quality. Downtown Dental has a rating of 4.7 on Google.


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  • Nema Sahebifard
    Nema Sahebifard
    3 months ago

    what an amazing experience! I was never a fan of going to the dentist, just went for a cleaning maybe every two years, but decided to go to downtown dental since it was close to work and WOW! the staff was friendly and nice. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by passion who made my life easy. she was fantastic all the paperwork was done digitally (maybe it's been that long since I've seen a dentist) I was taken to my room where Lali took all my x-rays and did a cool 3d scan of my teeth. she was great too made my x-ray experience easy and fun. then I waited for my dentist who was Tara I was nervous at first but let me tell you I'm coming back every 3 months for a cleaning. The first dentist I have had that I was comfortable with and took the time to go over my x-rays and explain where and why I need fillings and most importantly she showed me why I need Invisalign. SHE WAS FANTASTIC! on my way out I was introduced to Priyam for my billing, and she saved the day, she had already looked up my insurance and attached it to my account. I enjoyed my dental experience, I highly recommend Downtown Dental, thank you guys for an amazing experience!

  • Josh
    a week ago

    I won't be coming back here. As others have said, this place is operated like a car dealership, constantly pressuring you to pay more for things you don't need. I suspect many patients are naive and think they are getting really good care, but they are being taken advantage of. This was my first dental visit after relocating here from out of state. I came because of the good reviews here, but sort by lowest and read those because that's more what I experienced. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars as opposed to 1 is because the office was clean, good technology, and some people were friendly. HOWEVER: Since booking my initial appointment for a regular cleaning and exam, they constantly tried to tell me my insurance was terminated in 2021 and I had no dental coverage, and it would be $200 for a "new patient special". I ignored this because I knew I had coverage, and even took it upon myself to contact my insurance and have them fax the office proof of coverage two weeks before my appointment. Despite this, when I showed up for my appointment, they still tried to make me sign for the $200 new patient special. I of course declined, and then they magically found my coverage. We went on to do x-rays and all that, and during the entire 2 HOURS that I was there, multiple different people were brought in, introduced to me, and gave me a little presentation about an upgraded service or product and why I should purchase it. It happened like six times I'm not kidding - $275 for a laser cleaning, deep cleanings, $6,500 for invisalign, hundreds more for bleaching, $1,600 for four fillings. At this point I've lost all trust in the office, unsure of what I actually needed or not. I took my x-rays and immediately went to another dentist down the street and had a wildly different experience, including getting the fillings done for HALF the price. Someone else here mentioned a job listing they found where they straight up say that employees will be expected to sell upgrades to clients, or something like that. I 100% believe that, because it was nonstop and awkward as hell. I honestly think this office should be investigated for this practice of pressuring and rushing patients on the stand to make medical decisions that cost thousands of dollars without all the information.

  • Claudia Kann
    Claudia Kann
    2 months ago

    The individuals in the office are friendly and efficient, however, I went in for a general cleaning and they suggested Invisalign. As it was something I was already considering, I heard about what they had to say. They pushed me into a 3 year contract, saying that my teeth would easily take that long. I am now 12 weeks into Invisalign and my teeth are straight. When you go to a dentist you expect them to suggest the best thing for your health and not for their pocketbooks. I feel completely scammed.

  • Samantha Wiener
    Samantha Wiener
    4 months ago

    - I was asked to pay before any services rendered. They say they take all PPO insurance, but they charge you the full amount and say your insurance will send you a check. Online they say they have a $99 new client special, but they still charged me $199 (non of this was explained before I entered their facility) - I interacted with 5 different techs, all very kind and nice, but it was all a distraction - my teeth cleaning only lasted 15 minutes - I came in to get a new night gaurd but the dentist and dental hygienist spent a great deal of time trying to pitch me on a $5800 Invisalign system, I left without any information about the night guard or even if I had any cavities. It felt like a scam. I had never interacted with these people before and the main impression I had is that they wanted my money. - they do not have your best interest at heart, they just want to upsell you - extremely disappointed

  • Ciera Ford
    Ciera Ford
    2 weeks ago

    I recently moved to Los Angeles from WA State and was overwhelmed with finding a new dentist office. I chose Downtown Dental base off the reviews and they definitely lived up to my expectations. Dr. Tara is amazing! She is personable, friendly, and knows her ish about teeth lol. She definitely made me feel welcomed and understood all my concerns. Every staff member I have encountered has been so nice and caring.

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