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Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, Dr. Tara Mavadat, Dr. Don Mungcal, and Dr. Mary Senstad make up the dental team at Downtown Dental in L.A. They offer an extensive range of family and cosmetic dentistry, including Invisalign, sedation dentistry, same-day crowns, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening. This practice specializes in using the latest technology to make dental care more efficient without sacrificing quality. Downtown Dental has a rating of 4.7 on Google.


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  • Megan
    a month ago

    They were able to schedule me for an appointment right away, which I really appreciated. Pria the dental assistant was very warm and welcoming. The Dentist was rather impersonal - I prefer someone more engaging. I went here because I wanted 2 fillings done since my normal dentist is on an extended vacation. My regular dentist quoted me $110 after insurance for the fillings. Downtown Dental refused to do my back filling without a crown, and quoted me around $1,400 after insurance. They did do a panoramic X-ray and found an additional cavity my normal dentist didn't find (I'm eager to get his second opinion). It seems like they offer top of the line care, but it's definitely not practical for all.

  • Mike
    2 months ago

    Place is a scam. Your insurance is out of network which means you pay the difference of what their fees are compared to your insurance contracted fees. Also, they are very pushy with unnecessary treatment. Love to push their ‘deep cleanings’ and ‘Invisalign’. The way they run their office is like an used car dealership. I found this with a little research. This is on Indeed for an ad to hire a new dentist. Seems like they can’t keep one and this ad should say it all. Here is a little part from their ad that makes me very uneasy with this place “In the beginning, you will be required to learn how our owner and lead dentist performs hygiene exams. You will not have the green light to do exams until our owner sees your ability to communicate so clearly and directly when educating patients that they start signing up for treatment.” So basically when you can oversell them in expensive unnecessary work????

  • Matthew Lloyd
    Matthew Lloyd
    2 months ago

    Like everyone, the dentist isn’t always the best experience. But this group of people have been nothing short of professional, kind and empathetic. Location is everything to me as well and so happy they’re back downtown. If I could give them 10 stars I would! Priyam is the best!!!!

  • Jack Rutherford
    Jack Rutherford
    a week ago

    Everyone that works here makes going to the dentist that much easier. Kind, compassionate, quick, communicative, and efficient as hell, these folks make the whole experience enjoyable. Highly recommend.

  • Sierra
    4 years ago

    I wasn't sure how to rate this place. My first visit for a cleaning was very pleasant. The staff is very nice and the office is very clean. It's also very cold in the office so either bring a jacket or they have blankets for you which is nice. My second visit for a filling was however less pleasant. They numbed me and then left me for 35 minutes by myself. Then the dentist came again and numbed me a second time because I was there for so long. Let me tell you, sitting alone at the dentist with a numb mouth, not the best. And I was annoyed that I had to get numbed a second time. The rest was okay but I wish they didn't leave me because the appointment took way longer then they said it would. Overall it was just okay. I know they do invisalign here as well.

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