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Dr. Bill Dorfman, the celebrated founder of this cosmetic dentistry practice in L.A., is the inventor of the Zoom teeth whitening process and a fellow in the American Academy of Dentistry. Dr. Dorfman has appeared on ABC Extreme Makeover, Oprah, and Larry King Live. He and fellow dentists Dr. Doug Johnson and Dr. Grant Loosvelt specialize in cosmetic services such as porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings, crowns, implants, and dental bonding. The practice has a 5-star Google rating.


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  • Benjamin Massing
    Benjamin Massing
    2 months ago

    Well, there is a reason this practice is the top in the country.  From the moment you walk in, you can see the perfectly manicured details of a top tier dental office, from the entire staff to the equipment and setup.  Heads-up, I'm extremely (honestly, extremely) picky with who I let work on my teeth, and I cannot imagine going anywhere other than Century City Aesthetic Dentistry.  Dr Bill is beyond talented, I've seen him since I moved to LA, and then had the pleasure of Dr. McCrackin working on me, and it was also so flawless, her attention to detail was at such an elevated level, I just can't get over the results, thank you!

  • Khalid Master
    Khalid Master
    a month ago

    Dr Bill Dorfman is a giant in the dental industry and one of the most prominent clinicians in the world. He is still practising which demonstrates his passion for the profession. It’s a wonder he has time to devote to speaking, mentoring, advising and encouraging but he makes time and having had the privilege to listen to him speak in England a number of times now, he never fails to impress. He is clearly very knowledgeable due to his expansive experience but he is very amiable, relatable and honest when lecturing which is refreshing and extremely helpful.

  • faye tash
    faye tash
    5 years ago

    Dr. Dorfman and all his staff are so professional and kind to us. He's gentle and attentive with his patients, doing only what is needed and necessary. The office manager, Sennette is knowledgeable, accessible and very friendly, as well as her support staff, Sandy and Christina. It's like coming home if you can imagine that!

  • Carson Nicely
    Carson Nicely
    3 years ago

    If you’re nervous about visiting a dentist, Dr Bill Is the person you need to see. He’s extremely talented but more importantly, makes you feel at ease in his office. Would highly recommend to anyone who’s searching for a new dental office in Los Angeles. 10/10

  • Alejandra Bahena
    Alejandra Bahena
    a year ago

    Dr. Dorfman was a speaker at NPHC and our students really enjoyed his presentation. Thank you for inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals!

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