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Dr. Segal started practicing dentistry in 2009. He offers wide range of dental services from preventative care and dental cleanings to cosmetic services, such as dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening. Dr. Segal also provides sedation dentistry for a more comfortable experience.


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  • Ismael Rivera
    Ismael Rivera
    a month ago

    I've been a patient of Dr. Segal for several years now, and I felt compelled to share my consistently positive experiences with your practice. Dr. Segal's professionalism, kindness, and calm demeanor have always made each visit a pleasant and reassuring experience. Dr. Segal's ability to explain complex dental procedures clearly and understandably has been a standout aspect of my visits. I greatly appreciate that he takes the time to discuss what is happening and why, fostering a sense of trust and confidence in the treatment process. Moreover, the front desk staff has consistently exceeded my expectations. From the moment I walk in, I am greeted with professionalism and warmth. I recommend this practice to everyone with the utmost confidence.

  • Matthew Holter
    Matthew Holter
    a week ago

    Wow this place was great 👍 I was referred by a co-worker and decided to take the leap. everything went beyond better than I expected. They did a digital scan at no cost showing my teeth in 3d and my gums. It was very futuristic. the manager Mike was super helpful and you can tell knows his stuff. ill be recommending my team for sure! sure!

  • timor Djan
    timor Djan
    3 weeks ago

    My experience at California Smile Maker, under the care of Dr. Segal, was beyond positive. The combination of a friendly and professional staff, clean and comfortable facilities, high-quality treatment, and transparent pricing makes this office a place I highly recommend to anyone. I left feeling well-cared-for and confident in the health of my teeth. I will definitely return for my next check-up and any future dental needs. Thank you .

  • Nazira Bolatkyzy
    Nazira Bolatkyzy
    a month ago

    I am so grateful and happy to find a good dentist and hygienist. Dr. Segal is so thoughtful and thorough. My experience in this dental office was way beyond my expectations. The staff here is great. They take insurance and work on Saturdays. Highly recommend!

  • HDN
    a month ago

    I had a wonderful experience with the team at Semyon Segal DDS. I went in and was welcomed with a hello and a smile given all the information I need to know about my wisdom removal. They gave me great instructions on after care and I feel good bout my wisdom teeth healing fast! The doctor came in and had everything with care the dental assistant made me feel good and I love how they asked questions and talked about there passion of helping people with their teeth. I want to say thank you so much to everyone there!!!

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