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St. Matthews Dental Care in Louisville provides gentle dental care in a calming environment for patients of all ages. Dr. Jennifer Brown and Dr. Beth Bailey specialize in general and cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants, cosmetic contouring, oral surgery, Invisalign, laser-assisted periodontal therapy, and more. St. Matthews Dental Care is an Invisalign Preferred Provider, utilizes cutting-edge techniques and equipment, and has earned a 4.9-star Google rating.


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  • Patty Peace
    Patty Peace
    2 weeks ago

    When having a toothache for a couple of days, I made an appointment for the next day to have my tooth looked at. Dr. Brown was out and I saw Dr. Bailey. She took X-rays and talked with me about the tooth and what I might expect for treatment. Now I have been seeing Dr. Brown for years and she has put in about 6 crowns for thousands of dollars. This time I was told I had to pay for this visit up front. I could not but they insisted I give them some good-faith money and bring the rest in 10 days when I get paid. They also would not allow me to make another appointment for treatment until I could pay my bill. I was not only disappointed, but embarrassed by their policy. I know money is important to any business, but a little kindness goes a long way. I will be finding another dentist who cares about the patient.

  • Judy Shaw
    Judy Shaw
    2 months ago

    Sunday afternoon I had a sudden burst of pain from a tooth that I knew had been bad for a long time. The pain was intense, I could not sleep one minute through the night and then when it was Monday morning about 7:30 I decided to go ahead and try to start finding a dentist... I couldn't imagine who I was going to find that could take me right away! I knew that was asking a lot. I randomly searched dentists in St. Matthews area... I called St.Matthews Dental Care ... just hoping! While I was hanging on the line, just praying someone would answer, I noticed the name of one of the dentist's in that office. It was a friend!!! And then a sweet lady answered the phone, her name was Chelsea, I proceeded to tell her my situation of pain and never having been there before was there any chance that they could get me in today on an emergency appointment? She answered, Let me see... Can you come in at 10:00? I could not believe it!! Yes, yes, yes, I said!! I was able to get there at 10:00, got signed in and it was not a long wait at all until I was taken back to a patient area. Before I knew it, Kayla had me prepped and ready for Dr. Brown. Have a wonderful to see a familiar face it's such a vulnerable time. I knew it was time for this tooth to go, it was in too bad a shape to try to save. They made me very comfortable in every way and proceeded to get started for extraction. Today is two days later. There is nearly no pain at all in my back jaw, where the tooth was removed. Everything about my experience was first rate, the office itself was clean and tidy, and every one of the staff - most certainly Dr. Brown - were exceptional at communication and assurance for me. I knew I was in the right place! So glad I found this office!! Judy Shaw.

  • Dragon
    3 months ago

    St. Matthews Dental Care has the best staff out of any dentist I've had the pleasure of being a patient with. The staff are all very kind, caring, and informative. I originally went to Dr. Brown for some tooth pain that I'd been having, and she set me on the path to my dentures. The care you receive at ST Matthews Dental, in my opinion, is fantastic. I'd highly recommend them to anyone and have to my family. Thank you, guys, for being so supportive during my healing. It really means a lot. Sincerely Mr. Aslinger. To end the review, I'd like to state I've been to multiple dentists through my life. Even ones who thought l did drugs. Really hurting my self-esteem and overall how I felt about myself.

  • CC Railey
    CC Railey
    2 months ago

    Courteous, professional, knowledgeable staff. Clean facilities and excellent sanitation practices. On-time appointment with very efficient patient flow. Dr. Bailey is who I saw on my recent visit. She is very personable, knowledgeable and acted expeditiously and compassionately when I started to have some sensitivity to the treatment. I GREATLY appreciate that she validated my pain. Iā€™m usually quite nervous with dentists, but felt more at ease than I expected. šŸ™ŒšŸ¾

  • Zachary Baird
    Zachary Baird
    3 months ago

    Highly recommended to everyone! The entire team at St Matthews Dental Care have been so kind and welcoming. I have not been to the dentist in a while and they made me feel very comfortable. Also very efficient and i have always gotten right in at my appointment time.

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