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Katherine Hall DDS has been serving Nashville patients for more than 20 years with general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, offering services such as periodontal treatment, sedation dentistry, dental implants, ceramic crowns, and ClearCorrect orthodontics. Dr. Katherine Hall has earned both the Dentist of the Year and Humanitarian of the Year awards from the Academy of Dentistry and was appointed to serve on the Tennessee Dental Board. She has a 4.9-star Google rating.


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367 reviews
  • Gordon Ham
    Gordon Ham
    2 months ago

    I say what I always say. I won’t issue a review unless I can be sure I can issue 4 to 5 stars. These ladies are ELITE! Just check out their website page and see for yourself if you think I’m exaggerating. Dr. Katherine Hall DDS servers our community with the highest standard of care that places her practice in the top 99 percentile. I did my homework before coming to seek her services almost 10 years ago. I can tell you all the talking points about their professionalism, timely appointments, professional chair side manners. I’m gonna tell you something that sounds snobby. When it comes to my healthcare, I have what’s called Elite Best practices! Meaning, I only seek the services of top performing physicians to administer care to myself. Vanderbilt, The Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Katherine Hall DDS in Nashville. Her background is amazing & I know I’m in great hands to receive nothing but the best care at Dr. Katherine Hall DDS. Dr. Katherine Hall DDS is located in Downtown Nashville on Church Street. Anything & everything is just a few blocks away to go and live life to the fullest after your successful appointment at her clinic.

  • Zac Barrient
    Zac Barrient
    a month ago

    Dr. Hall saved me in a moment of need with my chipped tooth. She made time to fix my face, and her staff has been fantastic for cleanings since then. Great dental office to go to, and they'll validate parking.

  • Deb Lang
    Deb Lang
    a month ago

    Dr. Hall was awesome. It was from out of town and it just flown in, and needed a dentist ASAP. She saw me immediately and took care of me. Her and the staff were awesome! I highly recommend them!

  • Tom Evans
    Tom Evans
    a month ago

    My entire experience with Dr. Hall's office was amazing! I had a minor emergency and they were able to get me in last minute. Dental anxiety is an issue with me but Dr. Hall and Stephanie (Dr Hall's assistant) were incredibly calming before the procedure followed by great work and have started a post-procedure plan to put me in a great place. Google doesn't have enough accolades for me to shower on this team! -Parking (5 stars...incredibly easy and validated) -Reception (5 stars...warm, friendly, inviting) -Procedure Area (5 stars...comfortable, relaxing) -Dr. Hall & Stephanie (More stars than the sky...calming, friendly, professional, easy to understand & relate to) Update 10/25/23 Another outstanding visit with Dr Hall and her outstanding team! Thanks for another great visit! Thanks Dr. Hall! You have my undying gratitude!

  • Wendy Zupa
    Wendy Zupa
    2 months ago

    I have been a patient of Dr Hall for over 20 years. She brings together the best team to keep my teeth clean and healthy. Whenever there has been a problem (like a broken tooth) they work quickly to get you in. Dr Hall is kind, genuine and you'd love her.

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