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  • Reagan Leverett
    Reagan Leverett
    2 months ago

    Being a physician that works full time (5 sometimes 6 days a week), I schedule appointments such as dental cleanings on my vacation days. I have never had a cleaning appointment last more than 45 minutes and that’s with x-rays. At my initial appointment with this practice for a cleaning I spent 30 minutes with a staff member (not the hygienist) while she took approximately 8 bitewing x-rays and then proceeded to do a “scan” of my teeth (the purpose of which is unclear). I told her at the beginning of the appointment I had another appointment in an hour. She then told me that my appointment with actual hygienist wasn’t until 10:00 when my appointment time was 9:30. She said I would then meet with the dentist for 30 minutes to discuss a “treatment plan.” I was obviously confused as I have no issues with my teeth and was only there for a cleaning. The only thing accomplished was x-rays as I had to leave for another appointment. They then rescheduled me for 7am on the following Monday only to call me later the same day to tell me I was not a good “fit” for their practice as they employ a “comprehensive” philosophy. All this to say, if you are a busy person who perhaps works full time and you have no issues with your dental hygiene, DO NOT waste your time with this practice. You will be spending at least an hour and a half do get done what other dental offices can achieve in 45 minutes. You are correct Terry, I am not a good fit for your practice as I am entirely too busy and value my time too much to have it wasted. My 18 year-old son does not have that kind of time either so you can cancel his appointment as well..

  • Southern Trainer
    Southern Trainer
    2 months ago

    HORRIBLE. I’m surprised this place is in business. Wasted my time and they don’t even care. Constantly cancelling my appointments without notifying me so I keep driving an hour here just to be turned away. This place is a scam. Also, you can find much cheaper prices with better dentists. Just look outside of Nashville. I found someone great who I wish I had found sooner.

  • Richard Daly
    Richard Daly
    3 months ago

    Thank you Roach Family Dentistry! We are from out of state and unfortunately had an accident in which needed an immediate dental appointment. You were able to get us in quickly and fix the problem at a reasonable price. Not only that, Dr. Cabler explained everything in detail and was extremely professional. Thanks again!

  • Alaina Abbott
    Alaina Abbott
    2 months ago

    Very grateful to have found such a friendly, detail-oriented dental group. Choosing any type of healthcare can be so daunting, but RFD anticipates patient trepidation and does everything in their power to eliminate as much anxiety and stress as they can. It's been a really great experience!

  • Gracelyn Jones
    Gracelyn Jones
    a month ago

    The kindest, most attentive people. Our experience couldn’t have been better. We had a last minute dental emergency before an overseas trip, and they got us in ASAP and took care of the issue. Couldn’t recommend more!!

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