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At Glow Dental in New York City, Dr. Alina Huang offers compassionate, non-judgmental dental care with a focus on patient education while using top-notch technology. Dr. Huang’s services range from family dentistry to cosmetic and restorative work, including crowns, bridges, Invisalign, dental implants, and porcelain veneers. Glow Dental has received an average rating of 5 stars on Google, with patients praising the friendly staff and thorough but painless dental work.


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  • Cynthia F
    Cynthia F
    2 months ago

    I am eternally grateful to Dr. Huang and the team at Glow Dental! I had a bit of an accident earlier in April of this year, resulting in rather serious dental trauma (multiple broken teeth). In my life, I have never even so much as broken a bone, let alone shattered multiple teeth in such a sudden and awful way - I was distraught. After getting an initial (and somewhat questionable) opinion from my usual dentist, I sought out a second opinion, and that’s where I found Dr. Huang. She carefully walked me through all of my treatment options, explaining to me the merits and pros/cons of every approach; she also kindly addressed all of my concerns and questions without judgment. Her team at the front desk (Myra and Sharon) were always so wonderful to work with and were always upfront about costs and running estimates for me prior to the procedures being performed, so I would have an idea of what to expect for expenses. Ultimately, Dr. Huang did two crowns and two veneers on my teeth to address the broken teeth and micro fractures on adjacent teeth. The work she did is so beautiful, and my confidence has been restored! I hesitated at first to share a photo of the “before” because of how horrifying my teeth looked, but I think it’s important to highlight just how great Dr. Huang’s work was. It looks like nothing ever happened and the work is so incredibly natural - I cannot thank her enough!

  • Roswil Crispin
    Roswil Crispin
    2 months ago

    I love this office. The people are so kind and warm. The front desk ladies are awesome. Extremely helpful and actually break down everything that you need to know when it comes to the payments. As well as setting up an appointments, and being understanding if you have something come up. Dr.Park and Dr.Huang are so gentle. They will give you the run down and have so much patience when it comes to questions. And the care is top tier!! 10/10 all around!

  • Marlene Yi
    Marlene Yi
    3 months ago

    From before I even stepped foot into Glow Dental, I already knew my experience was going to be amazing. Easy scheduling process, online first-time patient application, and great communication via text message with receptionists leading up to my appointment. Then arriving to the office they took me for my appointment right away. It has been a very long time since my last dental visit, so I was very nervous. Dr. Wismer was so sweet and welcoming…her work was just as great. She was gentle, informative, and communicated. Start to finish with every person I’ve interacted with this office my experience has been the best.

  • Jed Weeks
    Jed Weeks
    3 months ago

    They are very aggressive to do work on your teeth. I asked them to confirm the coverage with my insurance so I did not exceed my annual coverage. Before my last visit they had me pay the remaining balance not covered by my insurance. Then 6 months later they surprised me with a bill saying my insurance did not cover everything. I pointed out that the insurance company does not take 6 months to respond and they got very hostile with me on the phone. I guess they don’t like being called out for scamming customers. This would never have happened if they would have listened to my requests as a client. If coordinating with insurance companies is only a courtesy and they are transparent they would provide you all the costs upfront so you can deal with the insurance companies directly but they do not, they are not transparent as they say. Again if they were transparent they would notify me of any outstanding bills after my visit but they choose to send a bill 6 months latter hoping that I forgot about my visit and how they had explained to me all the bills were paid upfront.

  • Sarah Zhao
    Sarah Zhao
    3 months ago

    My first visit to Glow Dental was phenomenal! Visiting the dentist is always a challenge for me, but everyone made me feel comfortable and supported, and Dr. Huang was very informative and kind throughout the entire process! Thank you everyone for the experience!

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