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At Team Dental in Philadelphia, patient satisfaction is the number one priority, and it’s easy to see why the practice has an average rating of 4.9 stars on Google. Dr. M. Jaffari, who graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School, offers general and cosmetic dentistry, including cleanings, exams, x-rays, and Invisalign. To make dental care accessible to all, Team Dental offers yearly plans that cover routine care and a discount on other services.


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  • Meghan C
    Meghan C
    3 months ago

    I have been a patient of Dr Jaffaris for 3 years now. From fillings, root canals, crowns, a wisdom tooth or two to a palatal mouth expander, him and his office have some wizzardry going on. I have never found such medical success result wise and personableness in a doctors office before. The receptionists, assistants and doctors really make you feel like family and take the time to educate you on your treatment plan. Ive referred friends and family here who have also transferred care to Team Dental. I have confidence in myself knowing the longevity of my dental care is in great hands!

  • Maggie Hartigan
    Maggie Hartigan
    3 months ago

    Team Dental in Philly was such a nice facility. The receptionist was SUPER friendly and helpful. The office is a bit small but very trendy and clean. I needed some help with paperwork and instead of helping they ended up doing it and submitted it themselves for me- which was super impressive and eliminated the headache for me. I really enjoyed my experience and will definitely return!

  • Gennadiy Ryklin
    Gennadiy Ryklin
    2 months ago

    I’ve been coming here for around two years. This practice has asked me to leave them a 5 star review on Google at the end of every appointment including after my initial consultation where no services were even provided, and over the two years I’ve seen their “customer service” is nothing but lip service. I don’t like leaving reviews like this, especially since Dr. Jaffari and the rest of his clinical team is skilled and incredibly knowledgeable, and he has taken his personal time to explain things in excruciating depth for me which I’ve appreciated, and which is why I keep trying to go back to him for dental care. However, in a big city, a good dentist is not hard to find, and its responsiveness and respect for my time that I am seeking in someone I am paying services for. There is a different receptionist every time I visit who seems like it’s their first day on the job. I just got another call last month asking how I was doing after a dental cleaning appointment, and then again was asked to leave not just a review, but a five star review. I told them if I could get a call back about getting an implant crown and how billing would work given they aren’t taking insurance any longer, the front end girl said no problem, she would have the “billing office” call me back by the end of the week. That was two weeks ago and I’m still waiting for a call. Now when I first came to their practice, getting a call back about anything was like pulling teeth. Now, just calling in to speak to someone period requires 4 phone calls at a minimum. I’ve never worked so hard to give someone my business. Unless their communication improves I cannot foresee myself returning to their practice or recommending anyone try to make Team Dental their regular dentist.

  • Chloe Sypes
    Chloe Sypes
    3 weeks ago

    From the moment I called the office to the moment I left, I had a super enjoyable time. I smiled, I laughed, and got my teeth sparkly clean! Rachel is super warm and gave me all the right details before and after my appointment! Jayne professional cleaned my teeth with the upmost competence, friendliness and quickness! Dr. M. Jaffari answered all of my questions and gave me great options for future work! See y'all in 6 months :)

  • Nathan Brooks
    Nathan Brooks
    3 months ago

    I cannot give a worse rating if I tried for my experience here. I went in for a routine check-up and cleaning, and after 2 hours, all they had done was taken my x-rays and given me "an examination". DESPITE, this being an in-network dentist, AFTER insurance, the "examination" and x-rays cost $470 [$342 for x-rays, $128 for the examination]. I was told if I wanted the cleaning I would have to come back and those prices would be $266 per quadrant ~ $1,000. Of course after this terrible experience I called around the other dentists - every one of which said this price was inexplicable and clear gouging. So, after finding a new dentist and obtaining this information, I have no called multiple times to speak with someone in their finances department (who they said would call back) and about getting my x-rays emailed over to the new office. NEITHER of these things have happened despite my multiple calls, they have gone completely silent. I have never left a review of a business before, but I cannot say enough how poorly this place is run. They have house music playing when you walk in, and you can tell they pride themselves on being some new, modern, office space, where they care more the "vibe" of the office then the care itself. The doctor himself was so smug and full of himself it was terribly off-putting, bragging about how he's one of "the only dentist's on the east coast that can do" certain treatments. He spent an hour pitching me on ways to change my smile, or state-of-the-art procedures, constantly trying to upsell. I will update this review if I hear anything back from them, or get any clarity, but at this point, I have no faith.

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