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At Team Dental in Philadelphia, patient satisfaction is the number one priority, and it’s easy to see why the practice has an average rating of 4.9 stars on Google. Dr. M. Jaffari, who graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School, offers general and cosmetic dentistry, including cleanings, exams, x-rays, and Invisalign. To make dental care accessible to all, Team Dental offers yearly plans that cover routine care and a discount on other services.


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  • Navid Ghadipasha
    Navid Ghadipasha
    a month ago

    I had the MSE surgery with Dr. Jaffari in August. Surgery went well but after that although I was taking painkillers it was uncomfortable for the first 48 hours. Dr. called me to check on me the day after the surgery which was nice. After a month with the expander we were able to create almost 11 mm gap in the front teeth! I looked pretty ugly and already went through some pain and started to question whether it was worth it or not, but something I started to notice was I was able to breathe easier. My nose was not as stuffy as it used to be in the morning. My girlfriend said you're now sleeping like a baby and not snoring anymore! Now that it's been almost 8 months after the surgery I can tell I'm very happy I did this! I can breathe very well. I can eat/drink foods which used to be allergic for me. Such as Alcohol and spicy food. Every Spring (usually started from late February) I suffered seasonal allergy and had to take lots of (sometimes twice a day) allergy pills (screenshot below). This year I have not taken a single pill so far! and I am perfectly fine. Also the teeth gap almost filled with the aligner and I like my new look and face a lot more :). My only regret is I wish I knew this when I was younger. Thank you Dr. Jaffari.

  • Libby McPherson
    Libby McPherson
    a month ago

    Dr. Jaffari was great! Very precise and always made sure I was getting the outcome desired. He planned my aligners around my wedding, removing the attachments and replacing them before and after the day. Very kind staff and flexible with scheduling!

  • Anthony Montes de Oca

    Absolutely the best! My journey seeking proper dental care (specifically a dental implant) was a long one, but Team Dental exceeded my expectations. I fractured a molar in October 2022 and had to have it extracted the following month at my dentist in my hometown in NJ (1.5 hrs from Philly). Because I am a young adult and had perfectly aligned teeth other than the missing tooth at that point, I wanted to get an implant to replace it, of course. However, as I was in the process of going through this implant care plan at my home dentist, the options they gave me were limited and included a very invasive sinus lift that held a lot of risks with it. After consulting with my ENT, I was referred to Dr. Jaffari at Team Dental to potentially explore other options (it was also perfect because I am a college student in Philly). Dr. Jaffari is the most knowledgeable and down-to-earth dentist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We discussed an implant care plan that would fit my bone structure without compromising anything. He explained every step of the procedure thoroughly, using computer models to meticulously calculate even the tiniest of details of the projected implant with my scans. When it came to the actual procedures and check ups, he was very careful and diligent at deciding when a modification was necessary based on my healing process. Within the numerous times I walked through that front door for a procedure, I felt barely any pain during or even after it. He even called to make sure I was not in any discomfort after the procedure and if I had any questions/concerns about the medication or post-care. I was both amazed and super appreciative of the high-quality service the dental staff provides and how pleasant they make the experience! The dental clinic is conveniently located in Fishtown in a very pretty area near the Girard & 2nd Septa Station, which made it relatively easy to get to (and free parking at the ACME if you drive in). The rest of the staff is extremely friendly and always made my family and I feel very welcomed. They are very accommodating to one’s schedule, which worked well for me as a busy college student. I now finally have a tooth again and have gained back full confidence in my smile. I cannot thank Dr. Jaffari and the Team Dental staff enough for the wonderful work they do :)

  • marly christie
    marly christie
    a month ago

    As an intern who shadowed here, I found this place amazing. The doctor is excellent at his job and explains procedures clearly to help patients understand what to expect. The results are efficient, and I would recommend Team Dental to my family.

  • David Cessar
    David Cessar
    a year ago

    Highly recommend! Dr. Jaffari and his staff are incredible and have great bedside manner. I’m just finishing up Invisalign now and I’m very pleased with the results. I have nothing but good words for Team Dental and will continue to recommend this office to others. Thanks for the great care!

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