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The Whitman Dental Center team of dental professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. When you visit Whitman Dental Center, we go above and beyond to help you feel at ease in our office, and to provide you with the prompt, knowledgeable service you need. We provide the whole range of dental services: from general dentistry to gum disease treatment, dental implants and dentures.


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  • Eric Devore
    Eric Devore
    3 months ago

    My visit today at Whitman dental office was amazing! The staff was excellent and the dentist was friendly and very thorough with the exam and cleaning. The staff also was very helpful and thorough in explaining the next steps treatment plan. Good job!

  • Lindsay Smith
    Lindsay Smith
    2 months ago

    First, most of these 5 star reviews are a direct result of the office staff asking people to write a good google review in exchange for a prize on a spinning wheel. The dishonesty and lack of customer service I received has pushed me and my partner to go somewhere else. I was a customer here for couple of years. The day before my last cleaning visit, I received a call from an office member telling me I had $45 balance in my account that I owed from the previous visit. They said I owed money after deductible. My insurance has always covered 100% preventive care as long as I was in network. My insurance had not changed and like always when you come to a dentist office they ask you “has your insurance changed in the past 6 months” to confirm you’re in network. In finding out I owed $45, we contacted our insurance provider. Our insurance confirmed that the dentist I saw in July 2023 was not in network, so I was charged as out of network which prompted the deductible. The insurance also confirmed that my partner who saw THE SAME DENTIST IN NOVEMBER 2023 was 100% covered because that SAME DENTIST was now IN NETWORK as of OCTOBER 2023. I came in for my visit, they asked if my insurance changed which it had not and no one notified me or had checked to see if the dentist was in network for me. If I would have known I wouldn’t have seen that dentist. As a customer, that is not my responsibility to know if a dentist at their practice is out of network with my insurance, that falls on the shoulders of the business. I’ve been a patient for several years in a row when my insurance was always accepted and in network and has not changed. The day I had my visit I was suppose to hear from the office staff on this. By afternoon I hadn’t heard anything and I called a few times but no one would answer my calls. My partner called a minute after I tried and the office staff answered so yes my calls were being ignored. The woman on the phone told my partner that I wouldn’t be charged that day for the $45 that I owed from the previous visit until the officer manager could review. I have my routine cleaning. On my way out they asked if I would give a google review, and I was pressured to do so. I said no. I told them to tell me what I owed for today’s visit, and I owed NOTHING because my insurance covers 100% preventative care for in network dentists. She then told me the office manager would call me on Monday to discuss the charges for the previous visit. Fast forward to next week, I don’t hear from this office manager. I have to end up calling them on Wednesday and the woman at the desk says the manager has my information and that they’ll call me in the next hour. I still hear nothing. I call Thursday morning and my calls are being ignored AGAIN. I’m finally so fed up and don’t even believe there’s an office manager, so I have my partner call and just pay the $45 to end this. It’s been a whole week and their “manager” can’t find 10 minutes in their day to make this right and eliminate the $45? The person at the desk reiterated that we owed $45 because our deductible was $50. And we said the whole reason the deductible was applied at all was because the doctor was out of network and we were not informed of this. Why did they wait 6 months until my next visit to tell me I owed? Why not call within a month and notify us that insurance will only cover X and we owe $45? Because they know they messed up and were hoping we wouldn’t call insurance. Well congratulations Whitman Dental, I paid you $45 that I did not owe you in order to move on with my life. I can now finally get the dental care and service I deserve because this wasn’t it. Can’t wait for the canned response this bad review will get from the owner. I’m sure I’ll hear something to the effect of “if you’re open to discussing this please call xxx-xxxx” or “we don’t have any record of you being a patient with us”. It’ll be some type of excuse I’m sure. Next time, do the right thing, call your customer and own up to YOUR business mistakes instead of trying to squeeze out every penny.

  • michelle bemckenna
    michelle bemckenna
    5 months ago

    Today's visit was honestly the best. From check in I was greeted with a smile, Dental Hygienist recognizing I was nervous and patiently took her time cleaning my teeth. The dentist Dr Hassig was also very patient and thoroughly explained minor issues that he saw. The entire team made the experience very comfortable. Highly recommend this office! Thank you Whitman Dental Center. See you soon!

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis
    5 months ago

    Very satisfied with this office! Staff is very polite and professional, and the cleaning was quick and easy. Most importantly they seem to genuinely care about my dental health. Divyesh at the front desk was great with being flexible with scheduling! 10/10 would recommend

  • Duong Nghe Ly
    Duong Nghe Ly
    4 months ago

    Great service! Everyone from the receptionist to the hygienist and dentist were friendly and helpful. Was able to get my questions answered without feeling rushed.

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