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Dr. Paul Nielson and Dr. Timothy Schmidt at Life Smiles Dental Care provide general and cosmetic dentistry in a modern and inviting office with comforts like noise-canceling headphones for patients. Their services include teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, composite fillings, dental implants, and Invisalign. They offer same-day dentistry for emergencies or patients with unpredictable schedules needing routine exams. Life Smiles Dental Care has earned a 5-star Google rating from Phoenix residents.


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  • Jennifer Clark
    Jennifer Clark
    5 months ago

    This is the kind of dental office that you want to go to. The staff is amazing! They do everything to make you comfortable and also check insurance and write out quotes for dental work. All around they are probably the best dental office I’ve ever been to. My sister worked in dentistry for years and worked for a great dentist -I never thought any place could be better… You’re good!!! Hillary does an amazing job and makes it fun as well! I’ve never used “fun”associated with the Dentist ever!! Thanks to all of you at Life Smile’s Dental!!

  • Mandy Mckelvey
    Mandy Mckelvey
    5 months ago

    This was the best dental appointment I have ever had. Typically, getting my teeth cleaned is anxiety inducing but my hygienist was so sweet and even allowed me to keep the weighted vest from my ex rays on during the exam as a comfort. Dr. Schmidt is calm and good natured person, very enjoyable to be around and thorough. Lastly, the front office staff are phenomenal ladies. I’m referring they to everyone I can because of how infrequent I come across excellent service like this. Thank you so much for what you do!

  • Debbi Brown
    Debbi Brown
    4 months ago

    First, I have had some really excellent dentists and some not up to my expectations. My longtime college friend, Marla, recommended Life Smiles. First, my adult son went and came back with great comments. Then my husband, who never takes the time to go, but he finally did after my son's prompting. He was very pleased as well. So I just went today. From the new dentist (just out of the Army, bless his heart) to the excellent hygienist, and the wonderful front office staff, this was like coming home to my favorite dentist (now retired.) I think we have found a new dental care home for our family!

  • Kylie Koistinen
    Kylie Koistinen
    2 months ago

    This place is awesome! They have such friendly staff. The receptionist, Doctor, and hygienist were all so awesome. I have a bad TMJD and they were so understanding and helpful in accommodating for it. I was in and out and they did a great job working with my schedule. They were all so nice and did a great job answering any of my questions. If you want a dentistry that really cares about their patients then I definitely recommend Life Smiles! Thank you for the lovely visit!

  • Cheyanne F.
    Cheyanne F.
    5 months ago

    I've gone to Life Smiles for years now, and this is the best dentist office EVER. I have found my hygienist, Kelli, to be the best fit for me. She's super amazing, sweet, skilled and incredibly professional. As well as very personal - she remembers things about me and will often bring up things I told her at my past appointments, which are normally months apart. It makes me feel incredibly seen and appreciated, and it brings immense happiness. She's also very knowledgeable, and won't hesitate to answer any and all of my questions. Honestly, all of them are amazing. I usually also see Dr. Schmidt, and he's always a delight to talk with. I haven't had any major work done other than cleanings really, but this practice makes even the most nerve wracking and uncomfortable moments incredibly at ease and calming. The front office ladies are absolutely incredible too - coming in and them greeting me BY NAME and a warm smile is just so nice. Again, it makes me feel seen & appreciated. And it makes it feel very personal and its then that you KNOW they definitely care about their patients. I would recommend this practice to anyone and everyone, and will always have nothing but good things to say.

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