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Tatum Pediatric Dentistry in Phoenix aims to set children up for a lifetime of good oral health by making dental care fun. Dr. James Guymon offers comprehensive pediatric dentistry, including protective sealants, pediatric crowns, fillings, extractions, and emergency dental care. For children whose anxiety prevents them from getting dental treatment, Tatum Pediatric Dentistry offers sedation and anesthesia options. This 5-star-rated practice also has the expertise to work with children with special needs.


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  • Ali Lewandowski
    Ali Lewandowski
    8 months ago

    This whole office is wonderful. We have been coming here for 7 years. The decor is little woodland animals and couldn’t be cuter. The staff is gentle and kind and explain everything they are doing. The kids can pick a movie to watch on the ceiling. They always run on time, give the kids toothbrushes and prizes and the office is sparkling clean. An added plus is they have a room with 3 exam tables so all 3 of my kids can have their teeth cleaned at the same time. Dr Guymon takes time to answer questions and is very comprehensive. I couldn’t recommend them more.

  • Paige Garcia
    Paige Garcia
    9 months ago

    My 19 month old had his first dental appointment with Tatum pediatric dentistry and I could not have been more pleased! From the moment we walked in the door, to the moment we left, everyone was very kind and welcoming and professional! The dental office is immaculate and very inviting for children of all ages. I was especially impressed at Dr. Guymon and his dental assistants’ approach to handling my very uncooperative 19 month old. As any mom of a toddler would know, all it takes is one thing to upset your toddler and you have a full blown melt down on your hands. Dr. Guymon and his dental assistant worked with my son when he allowed them, stepped away when he became agitated, and resumed the appointment when he had calmed down. Which allowed for a smooth and tantrum-free experience. Dr. Guymon has vast knowledge is his field and is very personable, which I prefer when looking for providers. I am very thankful that my son is able to attend Tatum pediatric dentistry and we look forward to his next appointment!

  • Danielle Gendreau
    Danielle Gendreau
    2 months ago

    What a wonderful first visit to the dentist! My 3 year old was so well taken care of. The whole office was very clean and well tended to, and very catered to children’s experience. The people are all so welcoming and genuinely kind. The hygienist did a thorough cleaning and spoke to all the steps as she worked. The dentist addressed all the questions/concerns we had. We opted out of the fluoride treatment and x rays that they offer, which they fully respected. My son already wants to go back! Highly recommend!

  • Allison Joy
    Allison Joy
    5 months ago

    The best pediatric dentist in the Phoenix, Scottsdale area. My son had gone to his usual dentist in which he gets checkups every 3 months. When we visited last time our prior dentist told us our son needed his 4 sealants redone, he needed to have two cavities filled, and one of them needed a root canal and a crown. I had a feeling that something was not right. I called my ortho and he suggested James Guymon. We immediately got in for a consultant and Doctor Guymon told us our son only needed one cavity to be filled. James got us in the next day to have his cavity filled. James did an amazing job and my son felt comfortable for the first time at the dentist. We also sat next to our son while he filled the cavity. I am so happy we found him. Another amazing thing is the office emailed us asking how our son did and gave us his personal number just in case. 5 stars all the way!!!

  • Meaghan Hamilton
    Meaghan Hamilton
    3 months ago

    Our daughter (2.5 years old) had never been to any dentist before. We had to see them to have the dentist take a look at her recently chipped tooth. We were worried that her fall caused permanent damage and that treatment would be expensive. We don’t have dental insurance. They offered us an exam, cleaning, and consultation on what to do with the chipped tooth. He informed us that it really did not require treatment and that it was mostly cosmetic more than anything. I’m used to dentists trying to milk as much money out of people as possible. He even said that she really didn’t need x-rays. The overall treatment was a great price. The dental hygienist was super gentle with our daughter and she ended up having so much fun (and had zero fear) that every single day, she keeps asking us when she can go back to the dentist. We went over a week ago and every single day, without fail, she says, “I want to go to the dentist!!!” She is very shy and doesn’t do well with new people (pandemic baby)… so we were in shock with how she did with the staff. They were so great. The office is also beautiful and the prices are very reasonable. Thank you guys for making my baby’s first dentist experience so fun for her! See you in 6 months for her next cleaning! 💕🙏🏼

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